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New Admission Criteria for University of Toronto

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Published : 17 May, 2012 By: Admission Jankari

    The criteria to get admission in Rotman School Of Management (University of Toronto) was to obtain a 3.0 GPA in the final year of a four year undergraduate degree until the year of 2011. In India that particular criteria means to acquire first class or first division. 
    According to Sheldon Dookeran, assistant director of MBA Recruitment & Admissions views that students from India generally earn a four year UG degree in one or two disciplines like engineering or IT. Meritorious students from the background of commerce, science, communications, arts & humanities feel dejected to apply for the strict norm of four year degree . 
    As this institution gives importance to the potentiality of the  subjects of arts & science, so it considers to seek application from the talented students of arts & science degrees with three year undergraduate degrees from India . 
    Dookeran revealed that students of Rotman share valuable & relevant real experiences , show innovation regarding ideas & impart  industry specific knowledge from their professional careers for improved classroom discussions, case studies & groupwork. So during admission procedure , stress is given on candidates’  experience  besides their worthiness in GMAT, GPA, interview, references & essays. 
    At present this institution allows admission of candidates of MBA degree with less than two years of work experience. No minimum marks of GMAT is required for this purpose. During admission procedure , the admission committee will give importance to the aspirant’s professional achievement, input  & prospective for management field. The necessary condition for admission of applicants of less than two years of work experience is that they have to prove their ability in other admission criteria. 

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