100 percent SRCC cutoff causes Twitter tsunami-Admission Jankari
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100 percent SRCC cutoff causes Twitter tsunami

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Published : 17 Jun, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The 100% cutoff at SRCC came in for almost 100% criticism on Twitter. A day after the news broke, SRCC was trending on the microblogging website, with tweeple discussing what an "EpicFail" decision it was. When the full lunar eclipse cast its shadow, Twitter user 'RoflIndian' joked, "The moon will be admitted to SRCC tonight, having achieved 100% cutoff."

    Anxiety was the subterranean emotion underlining the tweets. 'harshsays' tweeted, "100% for delhi university cutoff...my offspring who is in the sperm stage inside me just died with depression." There were others like him who feared what the future may portend after delhi University's Shri Ram College of Commerce pegged the cutoff for non-commerce students at an impossible 100% this year for their BCom (H) course. The cutoff for commerce students remained 96%.

    Contemplating on what might happen next, an account by the name of "fakingnews", tweeted, "Breaking: CBSE to award extra marks for handwriting to enable students get admission in Delhi University." Cutoffs at Delhi University have been climbing steadily for the past few years, making bright 80% scorers seem pale before other fellow students with 90 per cent and above on their mark sheets. But many agreed a 100% cut-off was stretching the matter too far. "How many marks should I have, to be allowed to get down at Delhi station?" asked a concerned '3Meisters' on Twitter. There were, of course, those who wondered if such super-students existed at all. "Poor students! what kind of institution will enable its students to score 100% FREAK!!" exclaimed Twitter user 'transcendare'.

    While most were aghast, some heaved a sigh of relief having graduated before the mad scramble for marks began. "I would be an illiterate anguta-chap if I was seeking admissions in Delhi University today," tweeted 'mearlcolaco'. With the top commerce college in DU expecting superhuman feats from prospective students, many wondered how geniuses from yesteryears would've fared today. "Einstien n Newton would b waiting 4 d 2nd list if dey wer alive today!" posted 'nkatox' on his Twitter account.

    Einstein and Newton, however, would hardly be a match for our very own desi heroes. As another Twitter user quipped, "SRCC stands for Sri Rajnikant College of Commerce. 100% cutoff can't be for mortals."

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