800 Seats Left Vacant, Karnataka Examination Authority seeks CID Inquiry-Admission Jankari
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800 Seats Left Vacant, Karnataka Examination Authority seeks CID Inquiry

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Published : 20 Apr, 2012 By: Admission Jankari

    Approximately 800 seats have been found as unfilled in the Bangalore Professional colleges. Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) smelled a rat & has decided for a CID investigation to handle this problem.

    Each year the number of vacant seats is determined through a reconciliation process which conveys the concerned data to the management quota.

    In at least 96 cases it has been noticed that students in some of the leading colleges paid fees & even reported to the colleges but did not join the program.

    The reconciliation process has not been conducted by all the medical colleges. So the total number of vacant seats has not been assembled yet. Till now only about 15 such cases have been found.

    According to higher education sources, KEA’s request of CID enquiry will be presented to the chief minister for a final decision regarding this matter.

    KEA has expressed its doubt that seat blocking lobby during counseling session is there behind this incident. This year the KEA has adopted severe measures to keep an eye on seat blocking lobby. For that purpose online seat selection process & reconciliation process will be operated after every round. 

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