A final year student of NID talks about designing as course-Admission Jankari
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A final year student of NID talks about designing as course

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Published : 22 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Manmayee Desai is a final year student of film and video communication at the National Institute of Design (NID). Here, she talks about various aspects of the course of design, a summary of which is given below:

    Desai says that choosing design as a career was a natural choice for her, as she has an inherent inclination towards the subject. If one is truly to choose a subject such as design, it should be an intuitive decision, since the time spent in a design college will really test whether one is suited for the field.

    She had not, however, realised that it is a vast subject, more than just a hands-on medium. Subjects such as product and textile design are specifically technical and rely on several skills besides one’s ability to just visualise and draw.

    Talking about the passion required in this field, Desai continues, “Being in the department of film and video at NID, one realises it is not a subject you can pursue unless you are passionate and driven, since there is the possibility that your work may never really reach the ‘big screen.’ Today, the field has a wide variety of options — from scripting a movie to directing and production. It also entails years of building contacts, working as an assistant director and taking up any job one can get.”

    Lastly, Desai also points out, “Students often find that the prospect of making and promoting a truly substantial film is still out of reach, since perhaps most of the interest and funding goes into mainstream releases. However, learning the ropes proves to be the best way to get into the industry and break stereotypes.”

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