A new concept of Project Engineering introduced in the field of engineering-Admission Jankari
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A new concept of Project Engineering introduced in the field of engineering

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Published : 28 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Subhendhu Moulik, associate project manager, Kellogg Brown & Root, UK, recently introduced a new concept of Project Engineering (PE) to the students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras in Chennai.


    Conventionally, engineering students enter the industry with a very sketchy knowledge of other engineering disciplines, which neither add much value to the students' career nor does help much to do any work in a real professional life in a multi-discipline work environment. In a multi-disciplinary work environment, integration of different engineering disciplines is very important. In short, engineering, integration and knowledge, together with cost consciousness is project engineering. It is project engineering (not project management) which adds immediate value to the engineering students' career path,” explains, Mr. Moulik.


    Mr. Moulik, the original mind behind the concept of PE, has created the content of the curriculum to be taught in various engineering colleges. The curriculum which he has created will be useful mainly for final year engineering students who have enough knowledge of other disciplines as well. “Engineering graduates need to have the basic knowledge of deliverables of other disciplines and to be aware of their interdependency,” says Mr. Moulik. He further talked about the main aspects of PE which include safety in design, quality in design, value engineering, cost optimisation and operability/maintainability.


    According to Moulik, one other reason why PE is important is that in every project about one to two per cent of project value is spent additionally due to re-work in engineering, procurement or construction. This re-work basically originates from lack of understanding of project engineering knowledge. Considering worldwide projects, altogether annual project revenue loss will run to many hundreds of dollars.


    With the help of PE, the students will actually get the practical knowledge of the theory done in engineering. “PE is applicable when any design needs multidiscipline engineering input and confirmation. PE knowledge will ensure that each discipline fulfils the other discipline's requirements and achieves the final end product,” says Moulik.

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