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A patriotic fervor invoked in the American College

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Published : 23 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The American College is the college where Wednesdays are eagerly awaited by the students. This is because it is the day when the students take time out of their hectic schedules and enhance their knowledge by having discussions over a wide range of topics that is not included in their syllabus. Having discussions is the weekly exercise of the American College Students’ Study Circle. According to C. Muthuraja, Associate Professor of Economics and Advisor of the study circle, “It is aimed at exposing students to practical knowledge, honing their soft skills and training them towards life as a whole.”

    On last Wednesday, one such session invoked a patriotic enthusiasm among all the students when a 40 minutes documentary movie on the Border Security Force was screened. The name of the movie was “Sarhad Ke Rakshak” and showed the insights of the 1971 war at Hussainiwala border, Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the BSF's role in protecting the nation.

    Muthuraja, while expressing his feelings, said, “I feel every one of us should know how the jawans sacrifice their life guarding our country's border. Youth especially from southern districts like Madurai are unaware of or are not much interested in defence related jobs and opportunities. On my first visit to the Attari-Wagah Border, I came across two jawans from Usilampatti and Thirupachethi and another time I met one from Sholavandan. I felt proud that there is someone at the border from our region too.”

    During the movie, an Indian was invoked among everyone. The title song of A.R Rehman, “Hum Hain Khade Seema Par” invoked a patriotic fervor among everybody. Also, the scenes of Delhi-Lahore bus and Samjhauta Express initiated discussions over trade relations between neighbouring countries and the concept of borderless society to the fore. As the discussion extended into socialism, cultural boundaries, nation building and youth empowerment, many youngsters were ready to join defence and guard the nation.

    “Youth are full of energy and we just try to put them on the right track” said Muthuraja.

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