AIEEE 24th April, 2011, A MONTH to go....-Admission Jankari
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AIEEE 24th April, 2011, A MONTH to go....

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Published : 24 Mar, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • ASPIRANTS must now be feeling the heat of AIEEE entrance exam which is to be conducted on 24th April, 2011.
    So, what should be your strategy now to score high in AIEEE and how to equip yourself with right toolkit in next 30 days to tackle the exam in an efficient manner.

    I remember taking AIEEE exam in 2002 when it was introduced for the first time. The BIGGEST mistake I did was "TO BECOME JACK OF ALL TRADE AND MASTER OF NONE". What I mean here is that I tried to cover lot many books for my preparation and still was short with confidence and the mere reason for the missing confidence was I could not master at least one book. While waiting anxiously for the test paper I was recalling the important texts from all the books and end result CONFUSED.

    I would not say that you should not refer other books, you must but refer one good book for concepts where each and every line of the text book must be read and understood PROPERLY while other books must be used for the practice. Please remember it is very important to build concepts first and then go ahead practicing. Now I would say is the time to revise the concepts and practice well. Do not try to touch all untouched content/concepts now. NCERT text books are must to go through specially for Chemistry. The beauty of NCERT books are that each line carries a concept not to be missed.

    Here are some of the text books that we recommend:

    Physics:      H.C. Verma (Both Parts)

    Chemistry: NCERT (For Organic and Inorganic both)

    Maths:         R.D.Sharma

    Be very sure while practicing to keep a tab on the speed and accuracy. One marks more or less can push you very high or low when it comes to rank secured.

    HAPPY PREPARATION and do send your queries to, we would love to help you resolve your queries/concerns. Just be CONFIDENT and you will win for sure.....

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