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ATTITUDE VIRUS a threat to organizations

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Published : 06 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Have you ever failed an interview because you often become nervous? Or have you ever lost your job because you are unwilling to accept changes? Or have you ever faced a situation when your over-confidence or wrong attitude towards something has made you go down? Or have you ever been fed up with your job and taken it as a burden? The problem is simple, the ‘attitude virus’. This virus is so harmful that not only it affects you in a negative manner but harms the organization also. This ‘attitude virus’ is certainly a big threat to organizations.

    Let me give you an example to make you more clear about this ‘attitude virus’. There was an employee in an organization who always used to complain about one thing or another like the infrastructure of the office, increment, behavior of the employer, etc. Gradually, the virus started spreading among other employees as well. This resulted in conflict in the organization and low productivity. Consequently, many of the worthy employees had to loose their jobs and the organization had to loose many efficient employees.

    This is how ‘attitude virus’ destroys everybody. Wrong attitude of one person is disastrous for everybody who is around. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts when you start working in an organization.

     Fore mostly, adopt a ‘positive’ attitude to everything. Do not be negative as negativity of a person tends to bring a halt in a person’s growth chart. Be flexible and stop being rigid. Accept changes easily as life is all about changes. Do not be nervous. Be confident enough that even if you do not know anything you will learn it. Beware of becoming over-confident. Your over-confidence can prove disastrous for yourself. Be friendly. Interact with everybody. Lastly, do not take your work as burden. Start enjoying it. Once you start enjoying your work you will become happy and satisfied.

     To conclude, attitude virus of a person can prove to be injurious to a major extent. This virus spreads quickly and destroys everybody. You should always be away from this attitude virus and should adopt a positive approach towards everything.

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