Absenteeism amongst most post graduate female students issues of backwardness and gender biasness-Admission Jankari
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Absenteeism amongst most post graduate female students issues of backwardness and gender biasness

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Published : 13 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Absenteeism among post-graduate female students is a very common phenomenon seen in many institutions of many states in India. Many female students become irregular in their college and many leave their studies in between. This situation is certainly not good when we see the overall growth of our economy as female education and female growth adds as a major factor when it comes to the growth of an economy. But a question arises ‘what are the reasons of this absenteeism among female students?


    There are many reasons for it. The foremost reason lies in the fact that according to our so called “society”, this age at around 22-24 is the perfect age for girls to get married. Many girls leave their education in between just because they get married. Even if they do not leave their college completely, their irregularity increases which is not good for their career and society as a whole.


    One other reason for absenteeism among female students is that our society does not believe in educating women after a certain extent. Too much education of women reduces their chances of getting appropriate grooms. Also, at this time, an age of girls comes when they need to concentrate on their household work more rather than their studies.


    Al these cases are the issues of backwardness and gender-biasness. It is quite awful to see that even in today’s time when women have made so much progress and have reached on the moon; such examples of gender-biasness and backwardness still exist in our country. Such backwardness of people not only stagnates the growth of those young girls but also restrict the growth of the economy. It is a well known fact that the country which has more number of educated and working women grows faster as compared to other countries.


    Thus, there is a major need to create awareness among people abut this orthodoxy. Government should take some measures to encourage girls to continue with their education. Also, various sessions and seminars should be conducted to make women aware about the ill effects of their conventional roles and also to make them aware about their self-identity.


    To conclude, absenteeism amongst female students at post-graduation level is result of the backwardness and gender-biasness of people who do not want women to come up. Strict measures should be taken and women should be made aware about the importance of their education and self-identity. Also, some measures should be taken to remove this backwardness from people.

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