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Arrival of Global Faculties in Indian B-Schools

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Published : 30 May, 2012 By: Admission Jankari

    A number of global faculties are arriving in India for teaching purpose. Take the instance of Rajib L Saha , who arrives in India to join the International School of Business (ISB) , Hyderabad after leaving the University of Rochester in the US. The reasons of it are many. According to him, the level of communication between the resident faculty & the visiting faculty is higher than the U.S. university structure & one has the opportunity to give attention to research works & industry related knowledge than by attending conferences only.

    Mouloud  Madoun, a permanent faculty of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Trichy, used to teach at various business schools in France, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Romania & Poland. At present this professor of French origin teaches human resource management, organizational behavior & corporate social responsibility at IIM, Trichy. He stated that in spite of four times of earning in abroad, he is in India because he is happier to be here.

    Several global faculty members including some of Indian origin prefer to go for Indian B-schools. Some of them who have joined ISB are Siddharth Singh from Rice University, US, Sarang Deo from Kellogg School of Management, US, Suman Ann Thomas from the National University of Singapore & Dr Galit Shmueli , an Israeli American professor.  The causes of their relocation generally are family matter, contribution towards society & also lifestyle.

    Sanjay Kallapur, senior associate dean, faculty development of ISB stated that this institute aims for research oriented faculty from international institutions. The condition while choosing those faculties is that they should give equal value to join those institutes which provide suitable research atmosphere & infrastructure. "The pay too has to be competitive and we pay 60% of what US schools offer," says Kallapur. He further revealed that ISB endeavors to compete with Asian B schools of countries like China & Singapore as the governments of these countries offer them huge grants so that their B schools can obtain highly paid top international faculties. 

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