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Artificial Intelligence Will man ever be replaced by machines

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Published : 18 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Artificial intelligence- this is a term which has overpowered human beings completely these days. Today, every little activity is done by “artificial intelligence” or in simple words, ‘computers’. This overpowering of computers over human brain has triggered a debate everywhere that “will man ever be replaced by machines?” The answer to this question would be ‘NO’.


    We live in an era, where technology plays a major role in our lives. There have been many inventions in the past years and computers are considered to be one of the greatest inventions of human beings. But they can never be replaced by human beings. Man has created machines to come out of the endless toil and drudgery. One thing which machines can never have is human beings’ ‘ability to think’. Computers have the ‘derived content’ while humans have the ‘original content’. They can never replace man.


    Although machines perform tasks much faster and efficiently than human beings yet there are many areas where we need humility, civility and passion to take a decision. Only humans can do so. Machines can never be as wise as human beings. It is humans who put intelligence in machines to perform tasks efficiently. It is humans who make machines do their work. Human beings can start and stop machines whenever they want. Machines are in complete control of a man. In other words, Man is the creator, the God for computers.


     In the conclusion, it is clear that artificial intelligence can never replace human beings. Man serves as God for machines. Machines are in complete control of human beings. Moreover, machines can never compete the intelligence of human beings when it comes to thinking as machines have ‘derived content’ and not ‘original content’.


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