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'Aspirant friendly' changes in CAT 2015 for registration, complete at ease

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Published : 08 Aug, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • The 3 stage enrollment process alongside the test example in CAT 2015 stands generously altered. Feline 2015 website has opened the 46 days enlistment window on August 6, 2015 which will proceed till 11.59 PM on September 20, 2015. MBA has effectively imparted to the aspirants the check list the applicants ought to keep prepared before beginning the enrollment for CAT 2015.

    6 things of data; assemble before enrolling

    Taking after are the compulsory things of data you will need amid the enrollment process Instructive history

    Mark sheets (tenth/twelfth/Degree/Diploma)

    Work experience, if any

    Appropriate Certificates to transfer

    Filtered pictures of your visa size photograph and mark. (The photograph ought not be over six months old and ought to have a white foundation)

    Rundown of the IIM program to which you wish to apply

    3 stage Process

    Feline 2015 enlistment steps are basic and can be finished inside of the predefined time in spite of the fact that aspirants can login over and over to finish the procedure as takes after:

    Make a Profile

    Sign in with framework created User ID and Password

    Submit Application in the wake of entering subtle elements and making online installment

    More user friendly process

    Feline 2015 enlistment procedure is more 'easy to understand' as the rules are clearer and considerable changes have additionally been consolidated in the enrollment process. The feature on CAT website is an extraordinary help to finish the enrollment process. It contains all the obliged points of interest and guidelines to finish the enlistment. The three stage enlistment procedure is free from any specialized glitches.

    In the event that the aspirants keep the obliged data prepared, the enrollment procedure may not take much time. Taking after are the applicant benevolent changes and alterations in the enlistment process in CAT 2015

    Fill up the application at ease; sufficient time & multiple login allowed

    Feline 2015 Aspirants structure can be topped off in parts till you tap on submit catch. Prior it was a period bound procedure. In the event that you wish to finish it in one go, you have 30 minutes else you can login again in the wake of sparing the information and complete the procedure step by step. Applicants ought to peruse the directions toward the begin of the structure before they start filling the data. They can spare and way out the structure any number of times to alter and complete it later or can Save & Continue every segment till they present the application.

    On the other hand, if compulsory data is not filled or the obliged Certificates are not transferred, hopeful won't be permitted to proceed. Other than in the wake of tapping on submit catch, changes to any data gave on the application structure are impractical. A hopeful can just print or spare the structure from the site after that

    Early or late enlistment at standard

    Aspirants who register amid the 46 days enrollment window will be dealt with at standard in CAT 2015 as against the prior CAT years' enlistment process when the aspirants could choose the test date, city and test focus alongside the favored session. There was dependably a trepidation of not getting the favored test focus and session, if the enrollment procedure was not finished early. Feline 2015 is a solitary day 2 session exam and does not permit any self booking of the test and the Aspirants will be educated of the test date, test focus and the test session by the CAT Center 2015 on October 15, 2015.

    More decision of test urban areas

    Rather than picking 3 favored urban communities, CAT 2015 has permitted to pick 4 favored test urban areas out of 136 testing focuses which will have 650 testing locales. Feline focus 2015 will likewise fare thee well to designate, subject to accessibility the most favored or the first decision to the wannabe.

    Enroll first; Pay the charge a while later

    The best positive change in CAT 2015 enrollment procedure is to make the on-line installment as the last stride of topping off the structure. This change will empower the wannabes to survey the precision of the topped off points of interest in their application structure before making the installment.

    In prior CAT years, aspirants needed to buy the CAT vouchers to start with, on-line or disconnected from the net, and after that just were they permitted to continue for enrollment. In the event that you submitted any error amid the enrollment or application process, you cash would go down the channel.

    Keeping in view this humiliating and baffling circumstance which used to be tremendously condemned by CAT competitors, CAT 2015 has achieved this change.

    Keep the Scanned Image of photograph & Signature

    Feline 2015 will issue the concede card to you on October 15, 2015 and will send the same to you on your enrolled mail id. Not at all like prior CAT when you got your concede card without photo and mark in 24 hours of finishing of enlistment procedure, CAT 2015 has made it required to transfer your examined identification photograph and mark at the season of enrollment.

    The photograph and mark separated from being kept in record with the testing IIM and testing office are proposed to be utilized on your advanced concede cards, the prints of which you will need to take from your mail after October 15, 2015. It would be ideal if you note, it will be an obligatory record to show up in CAT 2015.

    Filtered picture of Passport size photograph with the measurements 35mm X 45mm alongside the checked picture of your mark with the measurements 1000mm X 35 mm. is obliged to be transferred at the season of enrollment for CAT 2015. Kindly note that the archives document configuration ought to be .jpg or .jpeg and the record size ought not be more than 80KB each. The picture ought to be clear with a base determination of 150px.

    Pick the favored PI city

    Feline 2015 has given the chance to the competitors to pick the meeting city at the season of enlistment for each IIM program. The Interview City can be chosen from the particular drop down rundown.

    Important points to remember

    - Once you make a profile after login as new client on 'Register now' and get your framework produced User ID and Password as SMS and on mail, next login ought to be as 'existing client' with the got ID & Password

    - in almost no time of presenting the Registration Form, you will get a User ID on the enlisted email with the headline CAT 2015 Login Details. Guarantee to check your post box promptly and on the off chance that you don't discover it there additionally check the spam mail.

    - Keep the whole data prepared before topping off the application structure

    - The work experience is to be entered in finished months

    - The application require not be finished in one go. You can return to the structure a few times and complete it in steps.

    - You won't be permitted to proceed, if compulsory data is not filled or the obliged Certificates, examined pictures of photos, mark are not transferred

    - If you overlook your secret key, you may tap on the Forgot Password catch on the Existing User login window. The new secret key will be sent in an email, and not as a SMS.

    - Once you have finished the last segment, i.e. Installment, your application to CAT 2015 is viewed as complete and you will get an affirmation mail. After this, progressions to any data on the application structure are impractical

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