Attitude of young generation towards religious values-Admission Jankari
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Attitude of young generation towards religious values

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Published : 14 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Since our childhood we are being taught about many things like mannerisms, etiquettes and conduct in society. But one of the most important things that our parents try to teach is the relevance of our religion and religious values. Every parent wants their children to adhere to their religion, particularly in India. But this young and vibrant generation seems to have different views these days related to religious values.


    According to the Pew survey of 2006, about 12% people do not identify themselves with any religion as compared to 8% people in 1987. The change is generational in nature which means with each new generation the belief on religious traditions is diminishing.


    The attitude of the younger generation is completely different from that of their previous generation. Many times clashes occur between parents and their children. Both sides have just one complaint, ‘he/she does not understand me’ and the reason is also only one, ‘generation gap’. When a child grows, he or she grows up in a completely different environment as that from his/her parents. Consequently, the sets of beliefs of the two are also completely different.


    These days many youngsters have a feeling of aversion towards religious beliefs, values and traditions. In the scenario of ongoing social discriminations, terrorist activities and suffering of people; the youth have started questioning the essence of religious values. One more reason for the negative attitude of younger generation towards religious values is that in today’s modern era, the burden of life on youth is so much that they do not get time to get inclined towards religiosity.


    However, this does not mean that the present generation largely believes in becoming atheist. It is just that many youngsters presently have started appearing with doubts of ‘why’ towards religious activities. Thus, the faith, somewhere or the other, is crumbling these days.


    To conclude, the attitude of younger generation towards religious values has certainly changed and is changing. The attitude of youth has become ‘questionable’ towards many religious traditions and beliefs. To be precise, the youth of today, has stopped following the religious values blindly.  

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