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Published : 31 Jan, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Countdown to the class XII board exam has begun. The challenge for students at this stage is to consolidate their preparations and steer clear of stress and anxiety. Education Times offers valuable tips

    The focus of the preparation at this stage should be revision. Students should particularly concentrate on those areas of the syllabus in which, he/she has faced a difficulty at some stage. It is important to plan one’s study hours as having a well-planned schedule and following it meticulously would make one confident and motivated. Solving sample papers would also strengthen the overall preparation.

    While writing, presentation plays a very significant role in making an impression on the examiner and students therefore must take care of small things while attempting each paper. Students should remember that answers should follow a logical sequence. The numbering should be according to the question paper and as per the general instructions given. Answers should be framed systematically and the writing should be as neat as possible with important/key words underlined. Also, a space should be left if a point needs to be elaborated later. In science, diagrams and schemes would aid a better presentation and use of abbreviations, over writing and striking out answers should be avoided.

    Mock tests help students to some extent. Timing should also be strictly adhered to. But mock tests should be attempted only when the student feels he/she is through with the entire syllabus, otherwise the student will tend to get confused.

    Using additional reference books at this stage is not advisable. Only the NCERT books, and notes prepared from reference books used around the year should be referred to at this stage.

    Students also need to keep in mind that when they work according to a schedule that accommodates short breaks their efficiency in terms of retention and concentration increases. The importance of proper rest and a balanced diet cannot be overemphasised at this stage. After all, a balanced diet is the key to putting in more effort.

    Moreover, as the board exam approaches, social interaction and physical activity is necessary. Such activities help reduce stress significantly.

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