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CBSE Papers: Tips to overcome Exam fever

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Published : 23 Mar, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Exam Time means getting fretful and with number of sleepless nights and questions in the mind like- Why am I studying, How to study etc. But we know output would be nothing by just getting tensed before and during the exam period. The world is highly competitive. To emerge successful, one needs to face it BOLDLY. Examinations are to check student’s knowledge not to make a student scared.
    Whether you are taking the Board Exams or forthcoming Medical Entrance Test or appearing for any other Entrance Exam, Don’t you worry. Just follow these simple tips to overcome Exam fever:

    1. Hold Positive Attitude, Firm Determination and Well Plan:

    Holding positive attitude and firm determination is very important to perform well in the exams and for this, following things are required to be focused:
    Goal Setting and Motivation
    Long-term & Short-term goals
    Make a plan that works

    2. Learning Skills:

    Second things to keep in mind is to improve your concentration power and learning skills by developing confidence and interest in subjects, fighting tiredness, time management.

    3. Sharpen Problem Solving Skills:
    Sharpen your skills to solve the problems more quickly like by developing critical thinking ability, push past your limits and plan your answers.

    4. Improve Output:
    Think about Importance of Output, speed, strike rate etc. Most important thing is testing yourself before exam and for that you can appear in a test at home, get feedback. Highlight strong and weak areas.

    5. Keep Going with Cheering Thinking of NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.

    Other significant things need to be applied before exam to overcome exam fever are like:

    Gain Confidence

    Follow a patient approach while studying

    Keep your notes complete and maintained

    Fix time and plans to study

    Don’t get over worried

    Avoid repetitive reading

    Discuss your worries with parents

    Take proper rest and exercise

    Sleep well on the night before the exam

    Eat well


    Keeping in mind all the above steps, before and also while giving the exam, works like a THERAPY in exam FEVER.

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