CMAT 2015: September Cancellation attention of AICTE Changed policy to yearly exam-Admission Jankari
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CMAT 2015: September Cancellation attention of AICTE Changed policy to yearly exam

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Published : 08 Aug, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • With no educate shared open area why it crossed out CMAT Sep 2015 exam, the AICTE activity is a pointer that it is on way to make CMAT a yearly occasion rather than half-yearly work out.

    AICTE has cancelled its CMAT 2015 September exam and proposes to assemble it in January 2016. Prior there used to be 2 CMAT exams for admission to AICTE affirmed PGDM/MBA courses in the nearing scholarly session. The principal CMAT used to be held in September and the second in the month of nearing February routinely. Presently since it may not be feasible for AICTE to meet CMAT in Feb 2016 instantly following a month from the first CMAT in January 2016, it is all that much conceivable that AICTE may be wanting to make CMAT a yearly exam as opposed to assembling 2 CMAT in one year.

    CMAT: Gateway to 400 B schools

    CMAT scores are acknowledged by around 400+ B schools running AICTE affirmed administration programs in India. It is the second biggest MBA/PGDM passageway test after CAT in the nation. Administration foundations subsidiary to college in thirteen conditions of Chhatisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Nagaland, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and other private B schools endorsed by AICTE acknowledge the CMAT scores.

    More hopefuls take CMAT February test

    The enrollment information for CMAT Sep exam versus feb exam amid the past is an illustration of this glaring actuality that less hopefuls show up in CMAT Sep exam and more aspirants incline toward CMAT Feb exam. The fundamental explanation for it is that every one of the consequences of imperative exams are out by then and CMAT remains the main want to investigate affirmation opportunity in great B schools.Past trends may reveal some facts-

    Table: Comparison of CMAT Data: Number of candidates appeared

    CMAT exam                                 

    Number of candidates appeared

    Feb 2013                          


    May 2013                           


    Sep 2013                            


    Feb 2014                            


    Sep 2014                            

     60,000 (Appx)


    CMAT to retain position
    So far CMAT has held its position as the second biggest MBA/PGDM placement test. Around 1 lakh aspirants register for CMAT particularly for CMAT February exam. On the off chance that AICTE chooses to meet CMAT as a yearly exam in the month of January, it may benefit more to the MBA wannabes.

    Actually, September is the enrollment and arrangement time for other vital MBA/PGDM passageway tests like CAT/XAT/NMAT/IIFT/SNAP. As against CMAT, these tests are directed once in a year and their planning example is marginally diverse. Case in point CAT doesn't concentrate on General Awareness and General Awareness in XAT is not considered in percentile figuring. Sectional arrangement is likewise diverse in every test. With all these key elements, more hopefuls think that its better to go for CMAT February test as opposed to enrolling for CMAT September.

    Is the chance to enhance scores truly lost

    No, despite what might be expected aspirants will concentrate more on CMAT January/February test as they will be free from their other imperative exams like CAT, IIFT, NMAT by GMAC, SNAP, XAT says Prof S K Agarwal Expert on verbal Ability and coach on CMAT readiness. A large portion of the top B schools tolerating CMAT scores close their confirmation application process when result for CMAT February test is proclaimed. Presently they might keep it open in the event that they at all are going to acknowledge CMAT January 2016 scores. Prior they permitted the possibility to present their enhanced scores over CMAT Sep exam yet this change was just minimal and used to be lost in the sparkle of CAT/XAT scores in the majority of the B-schools.

    Other than the B schools honor higher weightage to CAT/XAT/GMAT scores keeping in mind comparing the CMAT scores at standard with them, the weightage is lessened.

    AICTE proposes to streamline CMAT

    As proposed by AICTE, the following CMAT is normal in January 2016. It may pull in all the more exceptionally positioned B-schools to get related to CMAT. So far the rundown of B-schools expected to acknowledge CMAT scores and lying on AICTE website has not been redesigned and a hefty portion of them don't acknowledge CMAT scores as one of the shortlisting criteria for confirmation. Noticeable B-schools among them are IMI, IMT, FORE, LBSIM, JBIMS among others.

    On the off chance that AICTE could make CMAT a yearly occasion it may not influence the enthusiasm of the competitors antagonistically.

    The notice for CMAT January/February 2016 is proposed to be discharged by AICTE in the month of November/December 2015 on its site with every one of the points of interest. It is all that much conceivable that AICTE would be turning out with the points of interest on the proposed strategy on CMAT instantly.

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