Can thinking big lead to success?-Admission Jankari
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Can thinking big lead to success?

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Published : 02 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Today’s competitive era is an era where one can achieve big targets in life only if one has the power to think big. Even in the earlier times, many big entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani and Ratan Tata would not have been what they are now if they did not have ‘big thinking’. Therefore, there is no doubt that ‘thinking big’ does lead to success.


    In the previous times, people used to get satisfied by whatever they got. They did not have the courage to think big and hence, their success was limited. But today, the time is changing. Today, we can see passionate youngsters full of zest and exuberance thinking big and aiming high. Today, every little child wants to become Ratan Tata, Saina Nehwal and Sachin Tendulkar. All these names of big personalities answer the question ‘can thinking big lead to success?’ with a definite ‘yes’. This is certainly a positive change that our society is going through.


    But the major problem lies in the follow up. According to a survey, today, among the people who think big, around 75% of the respondents are not able to follow up their thinking in that direction. Many people come in your way and try to restrain your big dreams with their small thinking. But you think big and make yourself believe that the work can certainly be done. Do not engage in quarrel. Think big and restrain yourself of the temptation to engage in altercation. Do not get de-motivated and be a progressive thinker.


    But a question arises, what is it in ‘thinking big’ that leads to success? Firstly, ‘big thinking’ and ‘high dreams’ instills in you a positive approach towards life and takes away all the negativities which is very relevant for success. Secondly, it fills you with immense confidence, passion and zest to achieve your goals. This passion and burning fire in you force you to move towards your success.


    To conclude, ‘thinking big’ can definitely lead to success. It fills you with right amount of zest, passion and positivity and takes you on the path of success.

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