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Can we develop learning skills

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Published : 07 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Before coming on the actual topic, a question arises, “what are learning skills?” We usually see students who do a lot of hard work and still do not get expected results. We also see some students who do not study much yet achieve highly good marks in examinations. The difference between these two kinds of students is simple, the ‘strategy of studying’ which entirely depends on your ‘learning skills’. To be precise, learning skills refer to the skills which make learning possible in an effective manner.


    Now, another question arises, “what constitutes learning skills?” Learning skills include high level of concentration, reading and writing skills, usage of memory and time in an effective manner, etc. Certainly, the learning skills can be developed but you just need to have some patience as learning skills develop gradually. Here are certain ways with which you can develop your learning skills and perform better.


    Firstly, start exploring your arenas. Do not limit your knowledge just by reading your text books. Explore the topic and get to the root of it. This would help you to understand the topic completely. Also, the understanding of the topic remains forever once it is understood properly.


    Secondly, focus on your concentration power. Anything learned with proper focus and concentration retains in your mind for more time. Also, concentration helps you understand the topic better. To improve your concentration try to do meditation for at least 15 minutes a day. This will bring your mind at calm and you will be able to concentrate in a better way.


    Thirdly, adopt the habit of memorizing and reviewing things. The best way to review and memorize things is to do a free writing about whatever happened in your class on that day itself. It will make your memory strong. Also, your writing skills will get enhanced.


    Lastly, learn to use time properly. In your studies you cannot afford to give all the time to one subject and no time to other. Thus, there is a need for you to allocate your time according to the priority of your subjects. After allocating the time try your best to finish the subject in the allotted time.


    If you try to adopt all these things in your life, you will soon develop the correct learning skills. The past experiences show that hard work combined with proper learning skills tend to give better performance. In today’s time when you have a lot of burden of studies on yourself, the hard work alone does not matter. It is very significant for you to adopt right learning skills.   

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