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Can we motivate our employees through recognition

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Published : 16 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Recognition is the greatest motivator,” says Gerard C. Eakedale. The statement is certainly true. To get ‘recognized’ is the desire of every human being. It is a normal human tendency. We feel good when we are recognized among a lot of 50 people. We feel good when we are ‘appreciated’. We feel ‘motivated’ and this is what the company requires; motivated employees who work with complete dedication in the direction of the success of the company.

    Whenever we talk of recognition, the first thought that comes to our mind is that employees want recognition in terms of money which many employers hesitate to provide. However, this thought is false. Employees not always need monetary rewards. They can be motivated by the magic of words also. Praise them for their good work and appreciate them. By this the employees develop a sense of pride in them and get satisfied. Satisfied employees are the biggest assets that an organisation can have.

    Many times we see that employers hesitate to give recognition to their employees. There can be several reasons for it like they do not want their employees to be over-confident, etc. But one of the major reasons of this hesitation is ‘lack of communication’ or sometimes, inability to communicate at all. In our society, everything works through a hierarchy. Though this hierarchy is required to some extent for proper management of affairs, yet it is a major constraint in initiating proper communication. This lack of communication restricts employers to motivate their employees.

    The lack of communication resulting in the lack of motivation and recognition for employees is one of the major drawbacks of an organization. It can also be proved disastrous sometimes. The reason is simple, de-motivated and un-satisfied employees will result in low quality of work and low output of work. Thus, attempts should be made in rewarding the employees by organizing ‘rewards and recognition programmes’, ‘staff incentive programmes’, etc. Organizing such programmes will not only satisfy the staff but the lack of communication between the employers and the employees will also get reduced.

    Therefore, there is no doubt in the fact that ‘recognition is the best tool of motivating employees.’ Employees should be provided recognition by using the magic of words and also in monetary terms. Also, some special reward programmes should be organized for employees which would be fruitful in not only motivating employees but would also be helpful in reducing the communication gaps in the organization.  

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