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Career counsellor Jayanti Ghose advises students not to be discouraged

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Published : 04 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  •  This is an exciting and anxious time for many students as they step into the adult world of colleges. Many have already gone through their share of disappointment if they have not got admission into the college of their choice or in the course of their choice.
        A typical situation many students encounter is not getting admission to a ‘prestigious’ college. However, do not lose heart, because it is not the end of the world. The decision on college vs course is very individual and differs from person to person. A student’s decision also gets influenced by society comprising family and friends. You may want to join the same college as your school friend, or your parents may be keen that you join a ‘top’ college.
        In the long run, how important is the brand name of a college? Though reputed colleges to a certain extent help during a job search, it is the name of the university awarding the degree which is far more important for most employers. Besides, it is what you do with the years in college that will stand you in good stead in the future.
        When you join a college, make the most of your time by getting involved in extra-curricular activities. Going to college is more than an academic experience; you make friends for life. What you learn in college is not simply from the texts or your professors, but also from your interactions with your peers, from the decisions you take, the challenges you face, the activities that you are exposed to. You can also do short-term courses and vacation jobs/ projects related to long-term goals.
        AMIT YADAV
    Class XII (Science, 89%) Haryana Board
    A well-known college is akin to a good brand name. It not only provides best of education, but adds value to your CV and helps you to improve your future prospects. Studying in a top college automatically gives you that recognition and boosts your self-esteem. A good course from a well-known college is the best deal for any student
    Class XII (Commerce, 81%) Maharashtra State Board
    Course matters more than college. I wish to complete my graduation in Bachelor’s in accounting and finance from HR College, Mumbai. Even if I don’t make it to any of the colleges of my choice, I will definitely stick to the course. Ultimately, my degree certificate will mention University of Mumbai, and not the college. In the long run, the course you pursue is what matters
    Faculty of Arts, Delhi University
    A course chosen by a student as per his/her requirement is more important than going to a ‘top’ college where s/he is unable to get the desired course. No ‘top’ college can play a major role in deciding students’ future. Ultimately, it is only students’ dedication and interest in the course which helps him/her. Students, therefore, need not be depressed if they don’t get into a top college. If they have the calibre to perform well, even studying in a village won’t affect their future
    Founder, Avignyata Inc, Social Media Marketing Consultancy
    Students often carry their portfolio, which includes their project work. While hiring, what I look for is enthusiasm in a person. Besides, the stream/qualification also matters, but where the candidate has completed his/her academic years is last on my list.

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