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Career in Paramedical Courses

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Published : 28 Jan, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • Paramedical (Para- other than) Services are those which aid therapeutic profession in one or numerous forms e.g. Radiography, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and so forth. Para-medical professional supports the medical team with closely related functions for complete treatment.  In advanced world, Paramedical science has risen as an important branch of medical science. It is demonstrated as a breakthrough in the treatment of transmittable, non-transferrable ailments. As such, we can say that paramedical science is a spine for restorative science on the grounds that right analysis of any ailment is important to counteract deadly infections. Accordingly, Medical Science will be deadened without paramedical science.

    The ceaseless extension of the health awareness industry brings a more interest for prepared Paramedical Professionals. The primary zones in paramedical courses incorporate Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Occupational therapy, Audiology and Speech therapy, Medical laboratory technology, Radiology/X-Ray technology, Dental hygienist and Dental mechanics, Operation theatre assistant, Optometry and Ophthalmic assistant and other miscellaneous job oriented courses. These courses are offered through correspondence and also full time classes.

    Nature of Work

    Physiotherapy: It is a branch of medical science which is concerned with the evaluation, assessment and treatment of physical disability, agony coming out because of harm, ailment or other health related issues. The professionally prepared individual who manages this treatment is called as a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist treats for the most part post-agent cases like fracture, dislocation, amputation, neurological cases, nerve injuries, heart and chest conditions, skin conditions, muscular diseases, burns, plastic surgery etc.

    Pharmacy: The expanding number of healing facilities, nursing homes and pharmaceutical organizations everywhere throughout the nation is an agreeable sign of the becoming extension in this segment. A Pharmacist’s occupation is to get ready, blend, compound, or apportion medications and drugs, balms, powders, pills, tablets and infusions on the remedy of a medicinal professional, dental practitioner or veterinarian.

    Nursing: It is a standout amongst the most extraordinary paramedical professions which is an indispensable piece of therapeutic consideration. In the hospital, from general ward to the operation theater, nursing is the most essential segment of patient consideration. Nursing is a crucial part of the healthcare system.

    Occupational therapy: It concentrates on helping people with mental or physical sickness/ incapacity to return to regularity. Occupational therapist utilizes different routines as a part of the treatment of their patients to aid them in maximum recovery and getting to be typical after a delayed impairing ailment. This sort of treatment is understanding particular, including recreational, imaginative or instructive exercises.

    Audiology and Speech Therapy: Hearing is a vital means for the obtaining and checking of dialect and discourse. Audiology is the investigation of listening to scatters. These experts treat individuals who are not able to talk or hear plainly. Audiologist use audiometers and other testing gadget to gauge the loudness at which an individual starts to hear sound, the capacity to recognize sounds and the nature and degree of listening to misfortune. Speech therapist utilizes special instruments and composed and oral test to focus the nature and degree of weakness and to record and investigate speech disorders.

    Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT): Medical research center technologists analyze and examine body liquids, tissues, blood typing, microorganisms, screening, chemical analyses, cell counts and so forth of the human body. They assume an essential part in gathering the data required for treating most pathology cases by examining, testing, investigating and reporting such examinations.

    Radiology and X-Ray technology: Radiographers take x-ray films of body parts utilized as a part of diagnosing therapeutic issues. They direct the x-raying of the patient’s body, make the introduction, and after that develop the x-ray film. Experienced radiologist can perform more complex imaging tests. A postgraduate radiologist regularly deciphers the x-rays.

    Dental Hygienist/ Mechanic: These specialists aid dental specialists in treating patients. Dental hygienists are prepared to perform the particular clinical strategies that plan to prevent dental ailment and work under the supervision of a dental specialist. The essential employment of a dental mechanic is making and repairing artificial teeth, straightening of teeth & filling of cavities. They additionally help in the prevention and control of dental caries (decay) and gum infection. They additionally take dental X-rays, apply and remove periodontal packs, and exhort the patient on the most proficient method to deal with the teeth and mouth after operations.

    Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation workers play an important role in restoring normalcy to the patient. Care in a hospital or rehabilitation center may be necessary for people with severe disabilities. In such settings, a rehabilitation team provides care. Along with the doctor or therapist, this team may include nurses, psychologists, social workers, other health care practitioners, and family members.


    Personality of a Paramedical Professional ought to be as indicated by the circumstances provided. As this is a cooperation, so they ought to have a mix of characteristics sense of responsibility & dedication, good communication skill, analytical and logical reasoning skill, ability to recall and memorize scientific facts, physical stamina to work long and irregular hours, patience, cool temperament, team spirit, good observation power, understanding of people, and an ability to inspire confidence in the patient. Apart from all these, one must have a pleasant smiling face whatever be the situation.


    The minimum qualification for getting admission to any paramedical course is plus two (10+2) passed or equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. At least 50% of marks should be secured in each of these subjects. Minimum age limit is for candidate is 17 years.

    Professional Courses

    The courses available for Paramedical sciences varies from Diploma in particular field of 2 years duration, Bachelor Degree course of 3 or 4 years duration, Master Degree course of 2 or 3 years as well as Ph.D. Although eligibility criteria is almost same for all the Paramedical courses but it varies slightly according to particular courses & disciplines as mentioned below.

    Pharmacy: For the three main courses in pharmacy the eligibility criteria is as follows:

    a)      D.Pharma. (Diploma in Pharmacy): 10+2 or equivalent with physics, chemistry and biology or mathematics. This course is of two years duration.

    b)      B.Pharma. (Bachelor in Pharmacy): 10+2 or its equivalent with 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics. Alternately, the candidate should have passed D.Pharma. The entrance examination is conducted with the approval of Pharmacy Council of India. Duration of the course is four years.

    c)       M.Pharma. (Master in Pharmacy): B.Pharm with at least 60% marks from recognized university / institute (AICTE / PCI approved). Duration of the course is 18 months. Pharmacy teachers with B.Pharma and a minimum five years of teaching experience in any institution approved by AICTE are also eligible for M.Pharma course.

    Nursing: For nursing courses like B.Sc. in Nursing, eligibility is a 12th with Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The course duration is three to four years.

    For masters like M.Sc. (Nursing) a B.Sc. (Nursing) degree is the eligibility. The course duration is two years. For General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM), a 12th with biology, physics and chemistry is the eligibility criteria. The course duration is three years and six months. For Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM), and for Health Worker (female), the minimum qualification is class 12th pass. Duration of the course is 18 months.


    How to choose Course/College?

    The selection of the Course/College depends on personal interest and of course economic conditions of an individual. Three different Modes of courses are available. Students can opt for Full Time Regular Course, Part Time Course or Correspondence Course. The employment opportunity is more for full time regular course & this is suitable for non-working candidates, at the same time for working individuals part time course or correspondence course is the option. The selection of institute is one of the important factors to make a better future in the field of Paramedical Science.

    Colleges, Institutions and Universities

    Some of the institutes offering paramedical courses are:

    a)      Prakash Institute of Nursing, Greater Noida, (U.P.)

    b)      DJ College Of Pharmacy, Ghaziabad, (U.P.)

    c)       IIMT College of Medical Sciences, Meerut, (U.P.)

    d)      Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhopal, (M.P.)

    e)      National Institute of Technology, Delhi.

    f)       Guru Gobind Singh College of Pharmacy, Yamunanagar, Haryana.

    g)      Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, Rajasthan.

    h)      Akashdeep College of Pharmacy, Mansarovar,rajasthan.

    Career Prospects

    After completing the basic course in any of the paramedical streams, the aspirants can take up a job in a Hospital, Nursing Home, Clinics, and Health Departments etc. With the opening of corporate Hospitals like Apollo Hospital, Escorts Hospital etc, the scope for these professionals has increased tremendously. The aspirants can also choose for teaching as a profession. Besides, they can open their own laboratories/clinics. The career prospects for different paramedical streams are described below.

    Like all other Medical and Paramedical courses, Physiotherapist can work in hospitals, Orthopedic Departments, Schools for mentally retarded and physically disabled children, Health Institutions and Defense Medical Establishments. In a senior position like Senior Physiotherapist, Manager of Physical therapy, Superintendent of Physiotherapy in government Hospital and as Demonstrators, Lecturers, Assistant Professors, and Associate Professors in Medical Colleges.

    Pharmacy professional has good prospects as a medical representative. A pharmacist can also find employment as hospital pharmacist. Candidates with D.Pharma are employed as pharmacist in government or private hospitals or they can start their own pharmacy. B.Pharma graduates can work as medical representative or medical detailing man, marketing manager or sales manager, drug inspectors, and as drug controllers. M.Pharma degree holders can opt for teaching as well as research jobs.

    Nursing has wide employment prospects in hospitals, clinics and health department, military, schools, in training institutes as teachers and in research.

    Occupational therapists work with the patients on various disorders such as orthopedic and neurological conditions, among other conditions. In schools they evaluate children's ability and provide therapy. They also supervise adult day care, residential care and mental health care program.

    Speech Therapists & Audiologists can work in hospitals, schools, community health and welfare centers, private practice and even in industry (to monitor the effect of noise pollution). Postgraduate qualifications can go for a teaching job or research positions.

    Laboratory technician may find job in a hospital, minor emergency centers, private laboratory, blood donor center, doctor's clinics etc. A technologist can advance to supervisory or management position in pathology labs and hospitals. They can also work as laboratory manager, consultant, or supervisor in health care administration.

    Employment opportunities for Radiographers are good, both within the country as well as abroad. Increase in health services' demand more radiographers in nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic centers as well as superspeciality hospitals.

    Dental hygienist and mechanic can get jobs in dental department of hospitals (government/private), institutions doing dental research.

    Opportunities in Rehabilitation are both in India and abroad. Rehabilitation workers can get job in private hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers.

    Salary Structure

    The average starting salary for Paramedical Professional varies from Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 10,000/- per month. It may go to Rs 20,000/- and more depending on personal skills & experience.

    Employment Opportunity

    Employment opportunity for Paramedical Professionals is increasing day by day not only in India rather in the western countries like the USA, Canada, UK, UAE etc. Their role is to help doctors to provide the correct diagnosis of a disease to enable its best possible treatment. Paramedical sciences have their own value and significance.

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