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Chemistry Fundamentals

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Published : 01 Mar, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • A GOOD score in chemistry depends a lot on how you prepare and present. While preparing, it is important to be thorough with the NCERT textbooks. Do not try to rush and complete chapters. On completion of the syllabus, a student must attempt the sample papers provided by CBSE within prescribed time limits. Taking mock tests also help students to understand the pattern of questions and the weightage allotted to each section. Further, looking at the answers and the marking scheme that is provided by the board is the best way to evaluate oneself and to improve one’s score. 

    There are a series of questions, which appear time and again in the board exams. One must be extra careful about these and practice them regularly. During the exam, students should utilise the reading time to carefully read and understand individual questions. Every word that appears in the question serves as a clue to the right answer. While answering, one should be brief and precise particularly in terms of short answers. It is advisable to refrain from long narratives because the examiners are only looking for the key words. For long answers, the examinee should frame a skeleton of the answer and as far as possible, put them down in points. Providing graphical illustrations wherever possible enhances the visual impact of one’s answer sheet. 

    While solving numericals, generally students lay more stress on the correct answer and often forget to write the formula and the correct standard units with the answers. However, if they remember to take care of these two aspects they can improve their score. While writing definitions, students must stick to the definitions given in the textbook and also remember to include examples (if applicable) in order to score better. Chemical equations should be balanced properly and these equations should be included in as many answers as possible.

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