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Choosing MBA and Right Management College

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Published : 24 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • There was a time when almost every student went for the courses like engineering and medical. Now, the trend has changed and so has the interest of the students. There is a huge inclination of students towards Masters of Business Administration (MBA). MBA has become must these days. Only graduation in any field is not sufficient. Whether the course is engineering or simply B.A, students prefer to pursue MBA after that. But the question arises, why is there such a huge inclination towards MBA? Why do students choose MBA at all?

    MBA is a profession which is useful for students, right from taking a job as a sales executive to running big business houses. The demand for MBAs is growing in the market. With this growing demand, the scope of MBA is also increasing. With the scope and increasing demand comes the opportunity of earning more money. This is one of the major reasons why most students choose MBA because it offers relatively high salary.

    Today, whether it is some small company or big companies like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, each of them considers MBA a very essential qualification. The reason is simple. This is an era of globalization. Everyday many mergers happen and many deals get finalise. MBAs are needed to manage everything. Management, this is what the real job of an MBA is. Management is needed in every sphere of life whether it is marketing, finance, international business or HR. A professional degree in MBA in any of the field is considered useful. That is why there is such a huge competition in this field.

    Due to this increasing competition, it also becomes very important to choose right college of management. MBA done from a low reputed business school is not of much value as competition in this field is immense and the companies will obviously select candidates who are pass outs from better management institutes. But this does not mean that all the consideration should be given to college only and not to course. Your first and foremost job is to choose which specialization you want to pursue. Taking that specialization in mind, you must start analyzing the colleges on the basis of their reputation in the corporate world. Also, analysis should be done on the basis of the faculty that a college has. If you succeed in doing MBA from a reputed college, your career is set in the corporate world.

    In the conclusion, MBA is a qualification that has become essential these days. The reason for this increasing inclination is simple, the increasing demand and scope for the course which promises a relatively high salary to the students. But due to this increasing competition, it has become equally important to choose a right business school as MBA done from a low reputed college does not have much value.

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