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College vs Course The confusion continues

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Published : 23 Jun, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Come admission season, and most of the students are troubled with only one question. College or Course? Which one to choose. The age old battle between the college vs course continues to rage on.

     On one hand, several students get admission to a good college but not to the course of their choice and on the other hand many students get the course of their choice but not a college with good reputation. This conflicting choice increases the problems of the already confused young generation. So, what should be the key factors a student should keep in mind before making any decision?

    Well, first and foremost a student should decide which course they want to pursue. They should choose a course according to their interests and likes. Don’t choose a course because of its popularity. Don’t just follow the trend. Your decision should not be under the influence of friends and peers. After choosing the course, short list the colleges offering that course and then make your decision.

    But, many students feel that by opting for a particular ‘popular’ college they will fair better than others. They will get an edge over their friends because of the college brand. Several students also fear that if they choose an unpopular college they will be ridiculed by their peers.


    Moreover, students also fear that an unpopular college doesn’t attract big companies for placements. Even if big companies come to these colleges they don’t offer good salaries. This might hold true for some colleges but is not a general trend. Big companies search for talent for which they go to all colleges.


    However, before making any decision a student should be clear about his/her goals and ambitions. Ultimately it is the course which will remain with them for lifetime, a college would remain with them for just three years.

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