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Colleges must display fee structure online

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Published : 15 Jun, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • Indeed, even as the college offering proficient courses keeps on submitting fee proposals to the Shikshan Shulka Samiti (SSS), specialists have looked for required online divulgence of these proposals on the organizations' official sites.

    The SSS, which is a Supreme Court-ordered fee fixation panel, had guided the college to put their expense support proposition on sites at the season of accommodation. The understudy driven mandates, which have been set up subsequent to the last two academic years, have gotten poor reaction at the college level. The panel had effectively advised the college of punishing them by decreasing the charge by 20% for rebelliousness of the aforementioned choice.

    The procedure of submitting expense recommendations to the SSS for the 2015-16 academic years is planned to go ahead till June 30. If uploaded on the official websites,, these recommendations are required to impart indispensable data to applicants about expenses charged against the staff, offices and framework gave by the foundations.

    When contacted, heads of some of the local engineering colleges assured of compliance on their part with the SSS guidelines. "The SSS rules go for getting straightforwardness and responsibility charging of expense by any organization. We are going to present our expense proposition before the charge obsession board, and it would be put on our college site for the advantage of aspirants," a college key said on the state of secrecy.

    Santosh Bhosle, primary of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), said his organization has no reservation about imparting expense proposition to the aspirants. "The SSS rules are tying upon the college and we will guarantee essential agreeability," he said.

    Sudhir Deshmukh, primary of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, argued lack of awareness about the SSS rules and looked for time to know the orders.

    Instructive extremist Tukaram Saraf said consistence to SSS arranges by college would help the hopefuls from multiple points of view. "The hopefuls can basically see the expense proposition showed by college on online. They can complete investigation of the organization they are apportioned through CAP on diverse parameters, for example, staff, offices and framework. In addition, such open revelation by the college would be tying upon them to give what is guaranteed in the proposition," he said.

    The SSS is required to distribute the 'work sheet-cum-figuring sheet' identified with expense proposition on its site

    Pune-based backing gathering Sajag Nagarik Manch, which was seeking after the interest of straightforwardness in choosing fee structure by expert college, has requested that the SSS ought to make open the insights about move made against institutes for not uploading fee proposals on their respective websites.. "A few colleges have been shamelessly damaging SSS requests relating to transferring of charge recommendations. The state higher and specialized instruction division, alongside SSS, ought to make joint move against such errant establishments to set some obstacle. The SSS, all things considered, is a Supreme Court-ordered body and sacredness of its requests must be kept up," said Vivek Velankar, a dissident of Sajag Nagrik Manch.

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