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Published : 01 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Lindau may be a shy island cradled by Lake Constance, but when it comes to stimulating robust minds, this is the place. It has been the venue for the Nobel Laureates meetings since 1951. This year, the 61st Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates was dedicated to physiology/medicine and 19 students from India participated in the event.
        As to the role of South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh at Lindau, Wolfgang Schuerer, vice-president, Lindau Council, pointed out, “Science is the best bridge between people and between countries.
    We would like to see North Korea and Burma participate on the basis of scientific meritocracy. We would also like broader participation from Indonesia.”
        Schuerer added that India, Israel and the US can make more use of the project. “India is not taking advantage of the opportunity; It is using only 50% of the seats,” he informed.
        As to how young researchers can participate in the event, the Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings interact closely with a global network of academic partners to identify talented young scientists and to nominate them for participation at Lake Constance.
        The first stage of the selection process is about the nomination of young researchers by academic partners. At the second stage, applications are put forward to the council’s review panel, which takes the final decision.
    This year, the Lindau Council has launched an online knowledge archive, mediatheque, which can be viewed at no cost at In an initial phase, 45 presentations by Nobel Laureates were put online, and it will carry blogs by students and scientists. The contract between Lindau Council and Stockholm refers to the three natural sciences and economics. When India began participating in the Economics Meet in 2008, the number of students was only two and in 2011, for the upcoming meet in August, only nine to 10 students have been selected. While the science meets accommodate around 550 or more, the economics meet has room for 475 students from all countries.
        To find out how you can join, visit the Lindau website link above.

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