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Crushes, Careers and Cellphones

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Published : 03 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Manjiri Gokhale Joshi, the head of project management at Primal Pictures, London, recently launched her book, named, “Crushes, Careers and Cellphones” at Alchon International School. The book’s theme revolves around the growing children and their communication with their family. Joshi with her book tries to spread the message that how wrong their children are, parents still love their children and want them to be safe. Joshi has also been a journalist in her past.

    The book is released by Vitasta Publishing Private Limited and is marketed and distributed by The Times Group Books. The cost of the book is kept at Rs. 195.

    While talking about the book, Joshi says, “Technology has changed the way we communicate. With new modes of communication such as the internet, there are chances that our children may be exposed and so it is important that our children be safe. There are various issues and secret fears like sexual harassment, teenage pregnancies, drinking, etc, that are never openly discussed in a family. I feel it is very important for parents to communicate with their children. That way, parents will know what is going on in their children's life. I have tried not to be preachy but I do believe there are certain parts in the book that readers would feel is a strict view."

    Before writing the book, Joshi got inspirations from many sides. She got inspired by her 12 year old daughter and 18 year old step daughter. Also, she got inspiration from various youngsters while she was working in a BPO firm in the HR department.
    While she was working at the BPO, she came across a youngster who was in some problem and his parents were not even aware of it. "He only had chocolate and cigarettes and as a result he was finding it difficult to adjust to the BPO shifts." This was one of the incidents which inspired Joshi greatly to write this book.

    While she was writing the book, Joshi realized that her book would be incomplete without involving youngsters in it. Thus, Joshi informed, “My daughters wrote rejoinders on the concerns I had raised. We invited 44 children /youngsters to write for us on various issues. It was interesting to read what they wrote."

    While expressing her views regarding youngsters, Joshi said,” In our home, we don't tolerate lies. My children know that if they lie, they are in trouble. We appreciate it when they are open. I live in London where I have noticed very often youngsters begin drinking at a young age. Their parents may not know about it. Youngsters must be aware that their drinks can be laced and that they should be careful."

    At last, she concluded by conveying her message to youngsters and said, “I would like youngsters to know that growing up is fun, but at the same time they should be careful and also have certain values."

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