DECISION MAKING a bridge between success and failure-Admission Jankari
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DECISION MAKING a bridge between success and failure

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Published : 01 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Decision-making is always a foundation of a person’s success. At every stage of our life we have to take decisions which determine our future. Just one decision has the power to ‘build’ or ‘destroy’ our life. Thus, decision-making, certainly, serves as a bridge between success and failure.

    There are numerous instances of the students who take a wrong decision and get admission in a particular course. They start taking their studies as a burden and consequently give poor performance in examinations. There have also been examples of the students whose one decision makes them grow and prosper in their life ahead. This certainly shows the importance of the decision-making in our life.

    Today’s scenario where we have numerous options before us makes decision-making a very complex process. To take a decision we must have the desired knowledge of the particular subject of which a decision is required to be taken. Also, we must initiate strategic thinking. A good decision requires a lot of thinking. We should have the capability to measure all points effectively and analyze all points effectively. Most importantly, we should never a take a decision based on emotions as decisions taken emotionally generally tend to be wrong.
     If we are able to take decisions keeping these things in mind, it will not only make most decisions of our life correct but it will also be a sign of a good manager and will take us on the path of success. A person with the ability of making decisions and correct decisions tend to prosper as a manager in a major way.

    To conclude, decision-making, a bridge between success and failure affects our life majorly. While on the one hand, a correct decision makes us prosper in life, on the other hand, a wrong decision has the power of destroying us completely. Thus, we should be always cautious while taking decisions.

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