Delhi University cutoffs for undergraduate courses steadily rising-Admission Jankari
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Delhi University cutoffs for undergraduate courses steadily rising

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Published : 25 Jun, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  •  The consistently rising Delhi University short list for undergraduate came to silly levels in the first rundown declared on Wednesday, where the qualification bar set for certain classifications of understudy went past 100%.

    For example, aspirants without Economics in class XII would need to have scored 100.75% in the best-of-four (BO4) subjects to secure a seat in Economics at Shri Ram College of Commerce or Hans Raj. Also, at Lady Shri Ram College, an applicant needs to have a total score of 100.5% to get into the Psychology (H) course.

    While a careless look at the first cutoff does not demonstrate any 100% shorts, the shrouded extra criteria implies that an Economics wannabe in SRCC, Hindu, Hans Raj, Kirori Mal, Ramjas, LSR and Miranda House would require 100% or more stamps in BO4 if the aspirants did not ponder the subject in class XII.

    Such preposterousness is not confined to Economics. Stream change aspirants requisitioning BCom (H) in LSR and Ramjas, Political Science in Hindu, Kirori Mal and LSR and History in Hindu too would require 100% or more checks, on account of 2.5 rate focuses punishment.

    That is not all. Shorts came to 100% for BSc (H) Computer Science at the College of Vocational Studies (95-100%) and at I P College (97-100%), the ideal score being requested of science aspirants who did not have software engineering at the in addition to two level.

    While high cutoffs are no more a shock, DU aspirants have taken the 'avoid any unnecessary risk' strategy to a totally new high. In the first place, with no thought for which college the aspirants are meaning to want confirmation, and now from this year the extra criteria of punishment provisions, college too have their contentions to bolster this pattern.

    LSR has set the Psychology (H) cutoff at 98% - high considering a set number of schools offer the subject at the senior optional level. On the other hand, hopefuls who haven't considered the subject in school would require 100.5% in BO4 to get in.

    Advocating the shorts, Kanika K Ahuja, LSR's media facilitator and brain research educator, said 39 aspirants who had Psychology in school and secured 98% or above had petitioned the course. The number was far more noteworthy than seats on offer for the course.

    "Some of them may go to Economics or History or some other subject. In any case, we won't know until they do," said Ahuja.

    "Any individual who hasn't examined Economics won't get affirmation on the premise of first cutoff; however we had no way out. Everything is obscure to us - where they need to study and what? In the meantime numbers are high. Just in the second and third rundown will we have a superior thought," said Hans Raj primary V K Kawatra, including that setting the shorts was "exceptionally troublesome" with the new approach on extra qualification criteria.

    A year ago, on a single percentage point, more than a 100 candidates turned up for affirmation in college like Miranda House, Gargi College and College of Vocational Studies. "We are going to play a patient amusement this year. There is nothing more regrettable than a packed classroom. There is no clarity in information so there is certainly setting off to a careful first rundown," said Pratibha Jolly, vital of Miranda House.

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