Do women have better managerial skills than men?-Admission Jankari
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Do women have better managerial skills than men?

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Published : 27 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • In today’s time, women are growing socially, culturally and economically in an unprecedented way. Today, women walk matching their steps with men. Women are in sphere of life today whether it is politics, sports or corporate world. Infact, in many fields women have started leaving behind men and are performing better than men. One such field is the field of management.

    The examples can be many like entrepreneur Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman & Managing Director of Biocon Ltd., who became India's richest woman in 2004, Neelam Dhawan, Microsoft India managing director who leads Microsoft's sales and marketing operations in the country, Naina Lal Kidwai, the first Indian woman to graduate from the Harvard Business School was among the World's Top 50 Corporate Women from 2000 to 2003 according to Fortune magazine, Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Joint Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering Ltd and Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi, chairman and executive officer of PepsiCo who was according to Forbes magazine's 2006 poll, the fourth most powerful woman in the world. The list goes on.

    All such big names of corporate industry show how speedily women are coming up with their managerial skills. But the debate is on about "Do women have better managerial skills than men?” Perhaps YES. The reason can be that women have always managed their homes in the past. Today, even when women have started working, many women manage their home and office both, particularly in a country like India where household works are still confined to women. This management and multi-tasking of women can be seen in almost every woman. This certainly can be the reason why women are considered better managers than men.

    Also, women are better managers than men because they have the basic managerial skills inbuilt in their nature. With this, arises a question, ‘what are managerial skills all about?’ The skills or the qualities that a good manager has includes, compassion for other people, patience, good organizing and planning techniques. To be precise, women add a ‘feminine flavor’ to the managerial skills which make them better managers as compared to men. However, this does not mean that men can never be better managers than women. But as seen broadly, women are better than men in management.

    To conclude, certainly, ‘women have better managerial skills than men.’ The reasons could be managerial skills inbuilt in women’s nature and their quality of multi-tasking. Also, the instances of women like Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw and Neelam Dhawan show how speedily women are moving ahead in the field of management and corporate world.

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