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Doing MBA from IGNOU

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Published : 02 Jan, 2012 By: Admission Jankari
  • These days with Masters of Business Management (MBA) becoming one of the most popular courses of this era; MBA from IGNOU is also becoming one of the popular choices of students due to many reasons like lack of time, money, etc.

    Though many people these days pursue their MBA from IGNOU yet a question always keeps on cribbing their minds and that is ‘Does doing MBA from IGNOU has any value in terms of future prospects?’ The answer for this is that doing MBA from IGNOU does have a value in terms of future prospects only for those people who have fire in their belly, means; IGNOU is the best option for people who are passionate regarding what they want to do. IGNOU MBA is not for those who are used to spoon feeding.

    Now, the IGNOU MBA Programme consists of 21 courses in all. These comprise of:

    • All the courses in PGDIM (Eleven Courses) i.e. MS-1 to MS-11
    • Five courses from any one of the specialisation streams
    • Compulsory Courses (MS-91, MS-95) and one elective course (MS-92/93/94/96/97)
    • Project Course (MS-100) equivalent to 2 courses.

    Admission to Management Programmes of IGNOU is done through OPENMAT Entrance Examinations, held twice a year (First Sunday of February every year and First Sunday of August every year). However, the candidates who have successfully cleared the entrance test for admission into Management Programme conducted by institutions like CAT, MAT, and State level tests need not appear in OPENMAT.

    To be eligible for OPENMAT, a student must have either a Bachelor’s Degree with 3 years of supervisory/managerial/professional experience OR Professional Degree in Engineering/Technology/Medicine/Architecture/Law/Pharmacy OR Professional Qualifications in Accountancy/Cost and Works Accountancy/Company Secretaryship, etc. OR A Master’s degree in any subject.

    The methodology of instruction at the school is more learner-oriented and the student is an active participant in the teaching-learning process. Most of the instruction is imparted through distance rather than face-to-face communication. The University follows a multimedia approach for instruction. It comprises:

    a)       Print Material

    b)      Audio-Visual Material Aids

    c)      Counselling Sessions and

    d)      Interactive Radio Counselling

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