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Published : 01 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The quality of work that
        people have to do in an
        organisation, to a large
        extent, determines their levels of satisfaction. The work environment, in terms of the company’s culture, its leadership, the quality of teams and teaminteractions, and the facilities that are provided by the organisation for its employees, is the other important factor with regards to employee satisfaction.
        All of these go a long way to make an organisation a great place to work, feels Preethi Madappa, senior manager, human resources, Intel GAR (greater Asia region).
        From a pragmatic perspective, what we regard highly is how we demonstrate care for our employees, and touch them in every aspect of their lives, which includes the employee’s family too.
        Ideally, a company should focus on caring for its employees. It should be manifested in a number of employee initiatives. For instance, one of our initiatives is called ‘Sparsh,’ an endeavour by employees, for employees. Under this, activities like webchats, reach-out sessions, lunch for bunch, etc, are organised, where the management gets involved with employees and this in turn helps in retaining the connect between employees and the leadership active. Employee services like tutor.com, which is an online homework help for the children of employees, scholarship programmes, etc, are other initiatives under ‘Sparsh.’
        Also, the company supports its employees in helping them pursue their individual interests or hobbies, like having a small patch of a garden where employees can tend to and grow vegetables that they like.
        A company should also ideally encourages transparency in employee-growth plans and in discussing their career aspirations so that career progressions can be mapped, and both, the employee and the organisation, have a clear view of the future growth.
        Lateral and intra-organisational movements are also facilitated as and when required. CAIR or ‘career at Intel realised’, is a one-day event for employees that brings them together for activities like focusing on the latest trends in the ecosystem; interaction with other employees to discuss career progressions and learn from each-other, and encourage peer mentoring etc. It is imperative that the leadership at any organisation should also be visible within easy access of its populace.
        Lastly, recognition should be taken very seriously. It is intrinsic to employee satisfaction. It should have mechanisms like formal and informal recognition, department and peer recognition, and the recognition of the importance of doing one’s work every day.
        Also, a company should strive to ensure that specific values and behaviours like team-work, collaboration, etc, are encouraged, and employees exhibiting them are recognised and felicitated for everyone else to emulate and create a culture according to the company’s core values.

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