ENT multiscope- a new device to track diseases in rural areas-Admission Jankari
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ENT multiscope- a new device to track diseases in rural areas

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Published : 20 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The director of Icarus Design, Bangalore and his team has designed a screening device- ENT multiscope which can prove to be a great help in tracking diseases in rural areas. The device has been designed with a view to develop something that is not just available in big hospitals but is available with an individual,   independent physicians and ENT specialists in rural settings. The original idea behind the design is of Jagdish Chaturvedi, physician at St John's Medical College. His design was recently put in an exhibition organized by National Institute of Design (NID) in New Delhi.

    Sudhakaran while talking about the device and its working, said:
    “Multiscopes used in big hospitals are expensive. The price typically ranges between Rs 7 lakh and Rs 30 lakh. These high-resolution systems are designed for surgeries and only hospitals can afford them. The ENT multiscope we have designed is targeted at independent physicians and ENT specialists who have a small private practice and is specifically designed for health workers in rural settings. Usually, an ENT doctor in the rural setting uses a probe/scope to look at the ear, nose or throat. The image that is created is not of a good quality. The multiscope that we have created has a digital camera with a light attached to it, which makes it easier to see and the quality of the image is also better. This device is primarily going to be a screening device used by trained technicians in remote villages where there may or may not be doctors or only visiting doctors present."

    “Chaturvedi's aim is to produce the multiscope at a reasonable price to be used by trained technicians in rural settings for primary ENT screening and for telemedicine,” added Sudhakaran while talking about the proper impact of the device.

    On asking about the future plans, Sudhakaran said that with Chaturvedi, they plan to develop an integrated software system so that all patient data, audiovideo-text information goes into a database that can be easily searched, retrieved and transmitted.

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