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Education - Where are you heading?

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Published : 12 Dec, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • It has been so long I penned anything and I admit it wasn’t because I am busy but may be a thought worth writing is not striking me often now. Few days back I met Mr. V. V. Basavaraj, President and Managing Trustee of S.C.T. Institute of Technology, Bangalore and 2 hours 15 minutes discussion with him was indeed a pleasure.  I would like to highlight the wonderful discussion in brief here and would share with you.

    It all started with a question, “Why there is a decline in technical education sector?” Well, the first query majority of student put up to have is what is the placement of a particular college? Nobody asks but about the scope of research and development area and is the college have dedicated R&D department. I will not question students though here since we are setting up a shell which looks beautiful and glittering from outside but hollow from inside. For instance, the proud parent does express when their children get placed in a known brand and there is no limit to their happiness when they get onsite project and travel to different countries. Now the boasting is such as if the employee has created or invented something that will be really fruitful to the society we live in.

    We are not growing and neither a sector that deserves quality attention by the bureaucrats or the policy makers. Creating a market where the consumption of beverages and playing with supply chain management to realize pure monitory profits does not account for growth. How many research and development activities are really appreciated and promoted? Why is it that when the big daddy says “Say no to Bangalore” creates ruckus and panic all around the Indian market and moreover why there isn’t a parallel statement saying “Not a problem, let us build India on our own and we need be dependent on any other developed country”?

    It is the fear of being secured always when it comes to monthly salary and promotions are concerned and deficiency of R&D promotions is hindering the growth of an individual and hence the country. I would like to conclude the article with two more points. The discussion reminded me of 3-Idiots movie where it was said “Run after the excellence and success would automatically follow you.” The excellence here doesn’t mean to be a gold medallist and running after jobs with best pay packages but to appreciate the education. Secondly, an educational institution must emphasize on building job creators and not necessarily the job seekers. Research should be given prime importance over preparation for preliminary rounds of placements and then we would definitely realize the actual growth of our country.                  

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