Education- a way for sustainable and rich future-Admission Jankari
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Education- a way for sustainable and rich future

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Published : 05 Nov, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • In today’s world, the focus on education has grown immensely. Every student is just engaged in studies day and night. But what is sad about this engagement in studies is that most of the students study just in order to score good marks in exams and do not catch the essence of education.

    The youth of today needs to understand that education plays a far major role than just providing good marks and good salaries in our life. Education gives us a way for sustainable and rich future. I must clarify that ‘rich’ does not means rich in terms of money but rich in terms of learning, ethics and sensitivity to some extent. Thus, we should study not only for the heck for it and to earn six or seven figure salary but to actually have learning that contains some meaning. Today, I will provide you with some of the real advantages that education provides us.

    • Learning: The first advantage is known to everybody and that is learning. But as mentioned above also learning should be from its core and not superficial. Superficial learning might give you marks but you would still not be considered educated as education is not about gaining marks but about the real gain that we get through real learning. Also, the learning that you get from education is everlasting which remains with you till your last breadths.
    • Ethics: When we talk about learning, the first thing that comes to our mind is ethical learning which is all about the moral principles. Yes, education does teaches us the moral principles of life. We get to know that what is right and what is wrong and develop our moral values.
    • Awareness and sensitivity: With the help of education we get aware about many gender sensitive, caste sensitive, etc issues. We get to know about the cruelty and the injustices that take place in our society and that need to change. This awareness is important not only for our personal growth but for the growth of our society and our country as a whole. Education changes our whole point of view of looking at these very issues. This sensitivity that we feel towards these issues makes us a changed and better human being.
    • Empowerment: The awareness and sensitivity towards various social issues leads us to our next advantage and that is empowerment. Education gives the confidence, courage and in some cases power to change the social injustices of our society. All the empowerment that has happened and is happening today in terms of women, low caste people, etc is the result of the awareness that education creates in us. While in earlier times, hardly any parents sent their female child to school, today, those very parents feel proud of their daughters when they get successful in their careers. All this has happened just because of the awareness that we get through education.

    In the conclusion, education is the way for our sustainable and rich future. It makes our future rich as it opens the windows of our minds and changes our perception towards many things. Education has many advantages other than earning lakhs of rupees. It provides us many precious things like real learning, ethical learning, awareness towards social issues and empowerment of weaker sections of society. Thus, the youth of today must undertake education as real learning and not a superficial learning.

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