Education and success is there a correlation-Admission Jankari
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Education and success is there a correlation

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Published : 11 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • There is an old saying, ‘books are the best friends of a human being.’  This is certainly true and very significant in today’s competitive world. Books give us a way of attaining fruitful education. Education in many ways enlarges our mind and prepares us for the tough competition outside. Education makes our journey towards success much easier. Thus, education and success are certainly correlated to each other.


    Today’s era is an era of being competitive and informative. It is very difficult for an individual to survive if one is not informed well.  Education helps us being up to date. Though some may argue that people like Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani and Bill Gates excelled in their field without having any proper education , we must not forget  that was years and years ago. Their hard work, courage and strength were the reasons of their success.  But this does not mean education and success are not correlated. In today’s world education is required to enhance one’s natural skills and potential. Education puts an add on to one’s  hard work , courage and strength. Information acquired through education makes one confident which is significant for one’s success.


    There is a perception that  an industry which does not require education for success is The film Industry. In Bollywood many films come and go. Leaving a few actors many are not even noticed. They  struggle for  success  with no money in their pocket. One flop film ruins the career of an actor. Education, on the other hand, ensures a life-time income. There is no one who can defeat a person who is well educated and well informed.


    Other than this, education makes one capable of distinguishing between right and wrong, ethical and unethical. Education gives a new way of looking at things.


    To conclude, education and success are certainly correlated to each other. While on the one hand it broadens  our scope of being successful, on the other hand, it ensures us a life-time income. Also, it opens the windows of our minds and gives us a different perspective of looking at things. Also, education helps us  in becoming a responsible citizen of our country by helping us to distinguish between ethical and unethical.

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