Education of women in modern India-Admission Jankari
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Education of women in modern India

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Published : 25 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Education of women has always been a grave concern for the Government of India and society at large. Government has taken many measures to improve the rate of education of women in the country and women’s literacy rate has grown up immensely in modern days. Today, women have started going to work places and have started establishing their own identity. Many Indian women like Sania Mirza, Kiran Bedi and Sonia Gandhi have proved themselves better than men and serve as icons for many Indian women.


    But an odious reality is also a part of this pleasant reality and that is, the gender biasness against women which hinders the education of women in a major way. Today, many instances come where a girl has to leave her education in the middle due to financial crisis or because the education of her brother is more important or just because she has to get married. In cities there are many examples in the urban poor where a girl leaves her education just because she has to help her mother in her household work. It is quite awful to see such examples even today.


    People even in the 21st century, fail to understand that the education of women is quite significant. Women’s education improves the quality of life both at home and outside home. Statistics show that low levels of education of women leads to high fertility rate and infant mortality rate. Poor education of women has adverse effects not only on themselves and their families but on the nation also. Thus, education of women is very relevant from all perspectives.


    Though, the government has taken measures on its part to improve the rate of education in the country, it is also our responsibility to understand the needs of the time and leave the orthodoxy of gender biasness behind. Education of women is important for the overall development of our nation. Efforts are needed from our side to break the shackles of orthodoxy and encourage women so that our nation leads towards prosperity and glory.

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