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Education with right direction

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Published : 23 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Today, we live in an era where education is given top most priority. Whether they are kids or adults, education has become must as education opens the horizons of our mind and enlarges our thinking. But there is a right way of education and many of us do not know how to pursue education with right direction. So here we will talk about some of the ways with which we would be able to extract maximum from education.

    Firstly, we should always have an aim in mind. We should be clear of our objectives. Clear objectives and focus in mind help us to pursue education in an easier and focused way.

    Many of us always think that studying our course books sincerely is enough to attain knowledge. But that is certainly not the case as far as today’s competitive world is concerned. Today’s era is not about restricting ourselves only to our text books. To open the windows of our brain we must open our horizons by exploring knowledge. So a right direction towards education would be becoming knowledgeable by exploiting various sources of information like newspapers, television and internet.

    To lead ourselves towards the right path of education, it is must for us to concentrate on our physical fitness also. Most schools these days have a subject called “physical education”. This is because our physical fitness is as relevant as our studies as it helps us to concentrate on our studies in a more focused way. Therefore, we must engage ourselves in sports and must do some exercises or yoga in the morning. These things ensure a better education as they make us mentally fit.

    Last but not the least, a right direction towards education is ‘moral education’. Our whole education is of no use if we do not have moral ethics or moral education. There have been many people in the past who tried to destroy the whole world but in turn destroyed themselves just because they were not good human beings. Every education is incomplete; in fact, we are incomplete if we do not have basic moral ethics in us. Thus, we should always try and become morally strong.

    In the conclusion, to pursue education with right direction; we must have our objectives clear and must explore our knowledge. Not only this, we must concentrate on our physical fitness as it makes us mentally strong. Lastly, we must ensure our moral education as it is the foundation of every education. All these things certainly ensure our education with right direction.   

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