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Education without values

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Published : 05 Feb, 2013 By: Admission Jankari
  • Professor Sahastrabuddhi of the movie 3 Idiots fame said "Life is a race. If you don't run fast, you will be broken 'ANDAA' (egg)." 

    This is what is mostly planted into the students head by their favorite teachers. I have hardly heard any teacher/lecturer/professor telling about values to be inculcated in oneself while making a career after education.And, what we do? We try to run faster and faster, not giving values to value and sometime end up being a devil. 
    When I say devil, I mean when we start manipulating negatively. Say, manipulating the real facts when we have to showcase the peer colleague down for better appraisal or say trying to go too personal with the seniors to get noticed. These are just two of the examples, the list could contain at least 100 ways to prove devil. Interestingly, the words "Cut-Throat Competition" is synonymously used with "Healthy Competition". Sometimes you would not at all be categorize the situation because our minds have been trained to run like anything hiding in quotes "no matter even if you have to compromise with your values". 
    In the same movie 3 Idiots Rancho (Sorry, the real name revealed at the end of the movie is difficult to recall) rightly said "Run after excellence, success will automatically follow you" has been an inspiring line. The article could grow real big with lines but we wish the theme is ready for its reader to understand.     

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