Eight new departments in IIT Kharagpur-Admission Jankari
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Eight new departments in IIT Kharagpur

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Published : 05 Aug, 2012 By: Admission Jankari
  • IIT Kharagpur, the oldest IIT School will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year in August. On its 60th birthday, 8 new tech departments and many next-generation laboratories will be established. A charter has been sent to the union ministry of HRD for financial support. The main aim of establishing these departments and laboratories is to carry research that has been done never before in India and to make it tech independent. There will be a new laboratory complex to house all these new tech savy laboratories. The new 8 departments of IIT Kharagpur are:

    Energy Science and Engineering Department:  This department will be established to take up the cause of depleting fossil fuels.  Their focus will be on energy resources and recovery, conversion systems, energy materials, transportation, energy efficient design of buildings, energy bi-product recycling and finally rural and small-scale energy.

    Biosciences Department: It will become the first tech school of India to teach medical technology also. It will mainly focus on improving the overall health of the people.

    Engineering Entrepreneurship: The institute has decided to start an integrated program on engineering entrepreneurship after B Tech for two years masters. 

    Nano science and Technology Department: Though in every engineering stream nano technology is practiced but the new school will widen its scope.

    Engineering Design and Manufacturing Department: This department aims at developing innovative designs for all types of products so that our dependence on other countries for designs decreases.

    Environmental Engineering Department: this department’s main goal is to look after ecological renewal and pollution control which includes water and waste water management, solid and hazardous waste management and biological waste management.

    Embedded Electronics Controls and Software Department: In this department, research will be conducted on control panels for cars. It will also tie-up with many companies to provide its services. 

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