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Engineering entrance examination- pattern and ways to clear

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Published : 07 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Today, we live in an era of information. With this era of information, the competition in the field of education has increased a lot. The way students have become serious for their studies in the past few decades is unprecedented. Every student, today, aspires to earn in lakhs and wants to be on the top most position. Though there are numerous engineering colleges in India yet every student aspires to study in the most reputed colleges of India like Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) to achieve their high goals. For admission in such prestigious institutes, the students have to clear all India entrance exams like IIT JEE and AIEEE which have very high levels of difficulty.

    Now, let me make you aware of the pattern of the entrance examination of engineering. The questions here come from three sections, namely, physics, chemistry and mathematics in the form of two objective type papers. In the first paper, questions from all the three sections come of equal weightage. The second paper consists questions on Maths, Aptitude Test and Drawing.  Earlier, there used to be a separate paper for each section but now the format has been changed to reduce the stress from the students. Here, I will provide you with some of the ways which would help you in cracking your entrance examinations and getting admission in an engineering college of your choice.   

    ·         Stick to your basics and concepts
    The blunder that many students do while preparing for engineering entrance examination is that in order to prepare themselves for the toughest examination, they do not give much importance to their basics and consequently suffer. You need to remember that in order to clear toughest of the papers you need to have your basics and concepts clear first. Most of the questions in entrance test come from NCERT books of CBSE board and ISC board. Thus, rather than focusing on tough questions first, concentrate on your basics and master that.

    ·         Attempt questions that you know first
    While giving the test, rather than attempting the questions serial wise, attempt all those questions that you know first. This will not let you waste your time on the questions that you do not know and also will boost a confidence you that you know the paper. Also, you need to be very careful about the ¼ negative marking that happens in the paper as many times negative marking in a student’s paper prove to be disastrous and he/she fails to clear the exam. Thus, do not attempt questions of which you have no idea at all.

    ·         Practice a lot
    There is a saying, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. The statement is certainly true. Practice a lot. Practice mock-test papers and last year question papers as much as you can. This will reduce your errors and your accuracy will increase. Also, this would help you in managing your time in a better way.

    ·         Always be calm
    One of the most important thing that you have to learn while giving any entrance test is to be calm. Do not take much tension as tension makes your mind blank and you tend to forget everything that you have studied. Thus, believe yourself and always be calm. Have a glass of water and take deep breaths for a minute or two before you start your test. This would help you to keep your mind on focus.

    To conclude, if you wish to get admission in India’s reputed colleges like IIT, you must take these points seriously as they would certainly help you in cracking even the toughest of engineering entrance examinations.

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