Examinations has it killed education-Admission Jankari
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Examinations has it killed education

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Published : 16 Aug, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • Before coming on the topic ‘Examinations- has it killed education’, I would like to ask a question, “What is education?” Is only passing an exam means education? Certainly, NOT! We can attain education even without giving any examination. A talented student with a will to study never needs examination. Examinations only help providing “degrees”. 


    Though examinations never provide education yet they are important. The reason is simple; examinations serve as the platform where we get an opportunity to showcase our talent. Our whole year’s hard work is revised through exams. Moreover, examinations help us getting a professional degree which helps us in our professional life in the long run.


    There is a saying, ‘excess of everything is bad.’ The phrase is applicable here also. With the inception of semester system in various courses and in different colleges, the burden on students has increased vehemently. In semester system exams are conducted almost every month in the form of mock tests, house exams, main exams, etc. In such a scenario we do not get time for self-study. Also, we are not able to take part in many co-curricular activities which restrain our complete growth.


    To conclude, examinations are important. They are the summarized form of our whole year’s hard work. But an over doze of examinations is also harmful as it increases pressure and forbid us of our complete growth.

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