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Published : 25 Jul, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • RING! RING! My cell-phone beeped and I thought it was another forward message. But hold on, it was the alarm — it was 5.30am — my first day of college! I quickly got ready and smiled to myself, ‘Welcome to graduation, buddy!’ I had wanted to enter a good college since high school. My hard work paid off when I secured admission in Hansraj College. The college had organised an orientation programme followed by a welcome ceremony for the new batch of students on the first day, July 21. The programmes were scheduled to begin at 7am and I managed to reach college just on time.

    As I entered the college building, I got a feeling of being a part of a great institution. The seniors and college staff had made beautiful arrangements at the main gate of the college with flowers, chocolates, etc. It felt great. Without wasting any time, at 7am, the welcome programme began. The seniors applied vermilion on the foreheads of each of us (freshers) and gave us chocolates and a rose each. There are about 50 students in my batch who received this hearty welcome. 

    Soon after, we were taken to a huge hall, something of the likes of a conference hall, where our orientation programme began. Here, I saw our teachers who would be guiding us for the next three years of college. I also interacted with many seniors here. Initially, I was a bit scared about being ragged, but nothing of that sort happened. All we had to do was to give our introductions to our seniors in pure Hindi. Well, that was the catch. I did well, but it was fun to see many others faltering.
        After our introductions were over, seniors took us around the college and showed us where we would be spending our next three years. As I walked down the main walkway, I was amazed at the size of the campus and how green it was. I walked into a hall with tables and chairs, where students were playing, chatting, doing homework with cups of coffee and food lying on their tables. I figured out: this must be the college cafeteria! A masaladosa for Rs 15! I immediately loved the place. I saw the library, faculty room, conference hall, playground, and most importantly, the washrooms were clean.

      The seniors showed us our classrooms — they were quite big. The classroom in my school seems tiny in comparison. I was wondering how exciting it would be to study here. By now, I had already interacted with a few of my batchmates. They were pleasant. And I think I have already made new friends. The best feature of Hansraj College is its
    ‘lovers point.’ I was shocked to know that a college could have something like this. When I entered, however, I realised it was a big park filled with girls and boys. Can’t say if they were lovers, really, but they were talking, playing, reading, and laughing. They seemed more to be friends. I spent some time here chatting with seniors and batchmates. It was nearing evening and it was time to go home, only to return the next day. And I looked forward to it.
        My first day at college made me feel proud and I promised myself that I would study hard and take myself seriously. Of course, at the same time, not missing out on any fun.

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