Fate of Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test on May 28-Admission Jankari
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Fate of Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test on May 28

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Published : 17 May, 2012 By: Admission Jankari

    The Ministry of Human Resource Department ( HRD) has substantiated that the ultimate decision on the intended Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (ISEET) will be made on May 28.
    It has been known from HRD minister Kapil Sibal’s private secretary Uma Shankar that on May 28 a joint meeting of all the major councils will be organized  to decide about the fate of ISEET. 
    The biggest hindrance in the way of ISEET is the hostility of  prominent IITs. These institutions were disappointed by the inclusion of standard XII board marks to decide the ranks of merit. Another reason of their displeasure is HRD ministry’s dominance in thrusting a new examination pattern on them. 
    It is hoped that some minor alterations will be made regarding the examination pattern in the meeting of May 28 to address the discontent of IITs. 
    A senior professor of  one of the institutions of IITs in north India opined that , it is the toughest test in the world & its whole process is personally regulated by the IIT management. But without suitable discussion the HRD ministry endeavored to refurbish this age old system. 
    In reality the HRD ministry had held discussion with the institutions & sought advices from them through an online forum in which only 2,2000 people replied.
    Uma Shankar said, "We had two committees in 30 months, Acharya and Ramasami panels, to look into a common engineering exam - so all the aspects have been studied in detail. Now, we have Kota system of studies where the student is coached only for IITs and does not give importance to std XII board marks. It is very important that students should focus on their board exams since the Kota system of studies is unacceptable."
    She further stated that candidates with less than 95% marks in board test will have to go through lots of difficulty to achieve a position in merit list. No compromise will be made with the standards. 

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