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For Polytechnic course admissions, Mathematics not mandatory

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Published : 23 Jun, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • HSC aspirants from the science stream, who did not settle on mathematics at the 10+2 level, will now have the capacity to seek after engineering and polytechnic courses in polytechnic foundations in Maharashtra.

    The state directorate of specialized instruction (DTE) has chosen to give these aspirants direct confirmation, normally known as "horizontal passage", to the second year of post-SSC certificate diploma course this year 2015-16.

    On Monday, Mahesh Shivankar, DTE joint executive for Aurangabad district, said the move is required to advantage a substantial number of HSC Aspirants who prior needed to surrender their arrangements of seeking after confirmation courses simply because they had not taken maths at the junior college level.

    The offer of the application unit for the immediate second-year confirmations for around 390 certificate courses in the state is planned to start from Tuesday.

    Prior, just HSC applicants from the science stream taking the blend of combination of  physics-chemistry-mathematics or physics-chemistry-mathematics-biology or bifocal/technical subjects or minimum competency professional courses (MCVC) at the 10+2 level were just permitted horizontal section to the confirmation courses, other than qualified ITI and different aspirants.

    Maharashtra has around 390 polytechnic colleges with an admission limit of almost 1.8 lakh aspirants. Twenty for every penny of these seats, which makes for almost 36,000 seats, are open for direct second-year confirmations.

    The DTE has kept a 25% quantity for lateral entry section from each of the four assigned classes - HSC (science), HSC (bifocal), HSC (MCVC) and ITI.

    Shivankar said the aspirants who did not take maths at the 10+2 level will need to give an extra examination in the subject subsequent to securing the second-year affirmation. "This subject is taught to aspirants in the first year of the recognition course and spreads fundamental ideas of maths," he said.

    Balasaheb Pawar, chief of Sharadchandraji Pawar Polytechnic College, Aurangabad, respected the DTE choice to unwind the standards. "Direct second-year confirmations summon a decent reaction from aspirants consistently. Seats held for horizontal sections never go empty," he said.

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