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Foreign Universities vs. Indian Universities

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Published : 08 Oct, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • As everybody knows, India has improved massively in terms of education since 1947. Whether it’s primary education or higher education, to improve the levels of literacy and education in India has always been the major priority of the government. Today, we have very reputed and prestigious institutes like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) from where world class engineers and MBAs pass out. But the question still arises, ‘can Indian Universities compete with Foreign Universities?’ ‘Where do Indian Universities stand among world universities?’

    It is awful to say that even after many efforts by the Indian government to improve the standards of higher education, Indian universities still lag behind foreign universities in this battle of foreign universities vs. Indian universities.

    According to the recently released Times Higher Education magazine’s ranking of top 200 universities, India has failed to make its place there. American universities dominated the list with 7 of its universities making place among top 10. Three British universities, namely, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London continue to maintain their standard and ranking with one university in China also making its place. The universities which occupied the first three places are the California Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Stanford University.

    Not only this, India received an another failure few days back when the chairman of Infosys, N. R. Narayana Murthy expressed his disappointment over the quality of IITians who pass from various IITs every year. Murthy said, “The majority of the students fare poorly at jobs and global institutions of higher education. Apart from the top 20% of students who crack the tough IIT entrance examination and can stand among the best anywhere in the world, quality of the remaining 80 per cent of students leave much to be desired.”

    Murthy’s this comment has come as a slap for the IITs, the students of IITs and our country as a whole. But unfortunately, the comment is true and truth is always bitter. In this battle of foreign universities vs. Indian universities, India certainly lags much behind. Therefore, it is high time that ways have to be thought of to bring Indian universities to the standards of foreign universities. Though the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has termed the 11th five year plan as ‘India’s Educational Plan’, giving major emphasis on education yet there is a major need on the part of the intellectual minds of India to work together on the overall improvement of higher education in India.

    If the major steps to make Indian universities world’s top most universities will not be taken now then universities in India will lag so behind that it would become very difficult for them to cope up with foreign universities and the standard of Indian education will further deteriorate. Thus, major steps are needed to be taken now.

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