GD PI, a way to evaluate your entry into best B-Schools and its importance-Admission Jankari
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GD PI, a way to evaluate your entry into best B-Schools and its importance

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Published : 20 Jan, 2015 By: AdmissionJankari
  • New Delhi: Thousands of students in India after qualifying the written examinations like CAT, MAT, CMAT etc. finally go through the final round of selection procedure in form of GD (Group Discussion) followed by PI (Personal Interview). Final step to secure a seat in any B-School depends how did you fare in the GD/PI round.

     This article is not only for the top scorers but also for those who couldn’t score well and think that attending any college GD/PI will be of no use, here where the importance aspect of GD/PI comes into picture.

    Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds in the selection process has always been of great importance not only to get selected in top B-Schools in India but also when one seeks entry level employment in corporate world. This is not only limited to private sector but applies to even those who appear for joining defense forces in India or even the qualified UPSC candidates for that matter. Group discussion (GD) that generally has a leaderless team of 8 to 10 candidates gives an insight view of how you act or react, what is your knowledgebase in any topic and how do you tackle the situation specially when you have little hint on the GD topic thrown.

    Not everyone can be a leader in the group but everyone tries to be the leader when sitting for GD round. Trust me, this isn’t the only parameter where the selectors are evaluating you, the parameters could be other aspect too. For that matter, “are you a good team player”.  Although I wished to have given the tips for GD/PI here in this article, but let us reserve this for the next one.  Anyway anyone who wish to get in touch with our experts or me (Shivakar), can call us on our helpline number +91 – 8800 5677 11 to get an advice on GD/PI tips.

    Coming back to the importance part of it, even the ones who haven’t scored well in the qualifying examination, must not give a miss to any GD/PI’s wherever they get an opportunity to attend to. Attend as many GD/PI’s as possible, this is the best way to evaluate the shortcomings if any, improve upon them with every session or for that matter even to prepare yourself for becoming future corporate leaders. Good English speaking alone will not reserve your seat, communication is not always about speaking fluent English, communication is more about how do you convey the thoughts effectively and in a meaningful fashion. So, those who are afraid of attending GD/PI’s just because of English please don’t be afraid, rather go out there and come out of the hesitation.

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    We wish you all the very best.

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