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Good Marks in CBSE Exams With NCERT Solutions

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Published : 11 Mar, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The key to performing well in CBSE exams include studying hard, grasping important & relevant points mentioned in the chapter and retaining these. The candidates appearing for the exams should study in a smart and streamlined manner, so that they are able to translate their efforts into performance.

    Most of the questions in CBSE exams are based on end-of-chapter questions from NCERT textbook with slight changes in language or numerical values. Majority of the students believe that solving NCERT questions is uninteresting and time consuming. But, this is definitely the simplest way to outshine in CBSE examinations.

    How to prepare ideal NCERT Solutions?

    Before framing the answers to the questions listed in NCERT textbook, the students should read the chapter attentively and thoroughly. They can underline or note down the important points covered under each topic. A comprehensive study of the entire chapter would not only help in getting good marks but enhance the conceptual understanding of the students.

    Before writing ideal answers, the students should carefully read, analyze and understand the subject of the questions. They should know the difference between ‘Explain’, ‘Illustrate’ and ‘Brief description’ and should answer the question accordingly. The students should tailor their answers depending on the type of questions i.e. one word, multiple choice, short answers or long answers. Keeping in mind the type of question and marks allotted for each, they should set word limits for every type that would help them in customization of their answers.

    In addition to the above factors, the answers should be simple in language and crisp with no grammatical and spelling errors.

    Proper revision to reassure high scores in CBSE exams

    The NCERT solutions should be arranged in an organized manner with the chapter number and page numbers to avoid confusion. Organized solutions would require less time to go through during revision. Further, it would also promote in understanding, grasping, memorizing and retaining the notes effectively.

    Less time? Go for NCERT Online Solutions

    When CBSE exams are round the corner, students don’t want to devote much time in forming NCERT solutions. In that case, they can simply find the solutions to their question in various websites offering online NCERT solutions. These solutions are properly illustrated with graphics, videos and animations & apt for preparation in CBSE exams.

    A few points to remember before referring to online NCERT solutions

    Before referring to online NCERT solutions, students must cross-check the answers for any kind of inaccuracies. They should ensure that each answer is written as per the demand of the question. While referring to online NCERT solutions, students should also make certain that these solutions are accurate with respect to language and grammar.

    By following the above mentioned tips while framing, studying and revising NCERT solutions would definitely assist the students in getting excellent marks in CBSE examinations.

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