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Green jobs, more jobs

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Published : 27 Sep, 2011 By: Admission Jankari
  • The vice-chairman of Tamil Nadu State Planning Commission, Santha Sheela Nair has decided to promote a new concept wherein every thing in the 12th Five Year Plan will be viewed from a ‘green lens’ as asserted by Nair. This means that there will be a focus on ‘green job’. Job of any kind which preserves the ecosystem and biodiversity, reduce energy, materials and water consumption  through high efficiency strategies; de-carbonize the economy; and minimise (or altogether avoid) generation of all forms of waste and pollution comes under green job.

    A green job will create job in any sector, namely, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, etc. Also, according to Nair, “a green job creates work that provides adequate wages, safe working conditions, job security and worker rights.”

    “The idea is that a new age of green jobs will allow India to make the much-needed swift transition into a low carbon economy, while also pulling millions out of poverty through job creation,” said, Nair.

    There will be a need for carbon finance consultants, analysts, financiers, carbon accountants, business risk analysts and more as soon as the growth of Global Carbon Markets happen. Also, the demand for architects, engineers, plumbers, technicians, etc will also increase as the demand is there for a rise in green buildings and energy efficiency.

    Also, a shift towards renewable energy is resulting in increased employment per kilowatt per hour of energy produced when compared to fossil fuel energy, not only in large commercial plants but also in rural villages allowing for decentralised renewable energy systems. Ms. Nair, explains, “This means more engineering jobs, more construction jobs and more management jobs. These are just a few sectors and jobs out of the hundreds of jobs that will be transformed and created in the future.”

    According to the experts, many universities these days are coming up with courses related to environmental science as the demands of companies are increasing in this emerging sector.

    Furthermore, green jobs can be in the sector of energy supply in research, plant efficiency and carbon sequestration, design, manufacture and many more. In the sector of transport, the jobs can be in the field of research and design on more fuel efficient vehicles and on public transport systems, manufacture of alternatively fuelled vehicles and many more.

    According to Nair, “Even in financial services, green jobs are there. In the developed countries, the business schools offer MBA in Green Economy. It is time that Indian business schools begin offering the same.”

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