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Growing Job Opportunities for Math Graduates

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Published : 25 May, 2012 By: Admission Jankari

    Realizing the huge potentiality of the subjects like Mathematics, the government has announced 2012 as National Mathematical Year. A huge market demand for candidates from pure mathematics background has been observed at present scenario. Apart from the job availability in educational sector, job accessibility for mathematics graduate has been noticed through the positions like analytics in business sectors. Opportunities for job are also obtainable in the arena of computer science & financial services.

    Requirement for the positions like analytics is growing gradually across the world. Top notch companies like Amazon, eBay, Microsoft & Google have their own in-house analytics division. There are several companies in India who work as third party analytics service providers to global companies & they need candidates with good mathematics skills for these posts.

    Some of the leading companies like Google, Facebook, IBM & Microsoft employ mathematicians & computer science scientists. As most of these companies have set up their branches in India, so there is a rising demand for people who have proficiency in mathematics.  

    Financial services firms are hiring huge number of candidates with expertise in mathematics for their knowledge in statistical modeling & financial domain. Companies like Independent Knowledge Process Outsourcing & those who are involved with large IT firms are expanding fast & are looking for graduates with mathematical skills.

    Candidates with applied mathematics background along with good communication skills & industry specific knowledge are in huge demand nowadays. 


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